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 The world is full of confusing and conflicting messages that can be overwhelming; isn’t it time to share the light? Catherine has been sharing and promoting higher visions for life on planet earth for 7 Seasons on Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine and the spin off show with Debbi Coleen ‘Go Deep or Go Home‘.

She’s a Universal Promoter of Incredible Liberators, Visionaries, Spiritual and Metaphysical teachers and healers!

Catherine is an energized light bearer bringing higher wisdom and understandings to her audience and showcasing the amazing insights of her guests.

Catherine is an inspirational speaker & communicator on a wide variety of subjects that will lift your spirits and challenge your beliefs! (Read more about Catherine)

Many people have gifts and talents they want to share with the world and the world is waiting for those gifts. Bring Your business ideas, your services and goods to an audience that is longing to know…contact Catherine today and be part of the light bridge around the globe!

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Amazing People Speak Volumes:

Kala H. Kos

“You are a blessing, Catherine, and I so enjoy your work.”

With much aloha, Kala


Farhana Dhalla

“Catherine Whelan Costen is one of the finest radio hosts that I have had the pleasure of being interviewed by. She is so dedicated to the awakening of all and engages in a way that everyone has expanded in the discussion. Every interaction with Catherine has brought me to a new place.”

Farhana Dhalla


Debra Kasowski~author GPS Your Best Life

“Catherine is an engaging and charismatic radio show host with a flare for going deep into subject matter and piquing the curiosity of her audience. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of her show.” Jan 2013

Debra Kasowski


Debbi Coleen~

“Catherine, it’s a total delight to be on your show.  I love your expressive and responsive interview style, the way you personalize our interactions and enthusiastically embrace any topic we discuss.  I feel we get to have a conversation while exploring topics in interesting, dynamic ways.  I am amazed at the broad range of interview topics and the interesting sweep of knowledge, expertise and interests of the folks you interview.  This has been an incredible year of diversity and depth on your show! “

Debbi Coleen, Starseed Blueprint  Jan 2013

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