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By now many of you who’ve been following Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine know that I’m a big fan of energy work, spiritual transformation that is not just about words, beliefs or practices…it’s all that and so much more! The beauty is that it works…and everyone will have their own signs and signals to know that they have changed their lives in the way that life shows up for them.

I wanted to share with you a little sign I experience today that revealed to me just how far I’ve come in my own personal work.

I was running errands and such and went into a store to pick up a few things. At the cash the clerk handed me a little card and said it’s an opportunity to win now and another one to go online to have a chance to win. So I asked her if I was supposed to open it there, and she said yes.

So I opened it and it said, ‘You are not a Winner’ or something like that…and she saw it and said the words out loud…but she said, ‘you are not an Instant winner’…and I laughed out loud

I looked her in the eye and I declared…’Well you are wrong and so is this little card…I AM a Winner!!!’ and no little card is going to tell me otherwise….ha ha…

I may have even given my head a little flip, push my shoulders back a little bit and had some attitude in that delivery! I’m not sure…but I do know that in that moment I knew that I had shifted how I see myself and my world.

Not only was it revealed to me but it was revealed to everyone within hearing distance and there were a few. The clerk smiled and said, ‘have a great day and don’t ever lose that attitude’…Clarity Whisperer images 44

I know that in that moment that clerk was also changed. She’ll probably never hear those words the same again. Life is always showing us what we really believe and because I didn’t hesitate, didn’t have to think about it for one minute before I flipped that statement around…I know that I know I am a Winner!

It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about me, or you it only matters what we believe about ourselves and that is what changes our world. I know that I could not have said that out loud to a complete stranger with other people listening, 10 yrs ago…or maybe even 3 years ago.

I know that all the time and effort I’ve put into learning, healing, exploring and believing has changed my life.
What about you? Are you a winner? Do you believe it? I do

if you haven’t visited the show pages or website yet…I invite you to explore today and if you want to work privately with Catherine Clarity Whisperer to explore into your world …got to

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