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On May 29, 2015 I will be speaking at an event called Frock-alicious By Design™. in Edmonton Alberta; I want to invite you to join myself and my co-presentersFrock-alicious Edmontonas we share our journey, our insight and inspire you to live your best Frock-alicious Life too!

Life can be such a joyful experience and it can also be challenging. When we let go of what other people think about us, about our life choices and about our duty to make other people’s happiness more important than our own…that is when life becomes all its awesome deliciousness!

We often hear that ‘we are what we eat’…or we take on labels about the events in our lives. I like to challenge those beliefs by questioning everything.

I have traveled many roads but I am not those roads. I have experienced victimhood, loss, rejection, poverty and so on.

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I have also experienced wealth, wisdom, love, joy and ecstasy! I have experienced the many facets of human life on this planet; however I am NOT any of those experiences. I am NOT any label. I am NOT a diamond in the rough waiting to be polished. I AM a diamond from the rough aspects of life. I AM a Divine creation made exclusively for this journey that I call my own. I AM unique. I AM not broken, nor have I ever been broken.

Indeed many people, including myself, have attempted to break my spirit, to reign in my unique and glorious light; but that is impossible to do. My body has been overwhelmed by the burdens I’ve carried, by the fear I’ve held within me and by the beliefs I chose to consume, but none of that could ever really crack the diamond that I AM.

It is delicious to examine life for the pearls of love and wisdom that come from exploring. The Frocks (watch a preview clip of Jo chattin with me on here) that Jo Dibblee so beautiful describes in her message are simply a form of protection we wear until we are confident enough to stand bare faced in our own lives and shine our light with ease.

Catherine Whelan Costen is the host of the Lets Get Real Chattin’ With Catherine, on-line radio show. As a facilitator, she brings her spiritual awareness and warmth in hosting the tele-course.

Catherine Whelan Costen is the host of the Lets Get Real Chattin’ With Catherine, on-line radio show. Private Explorations with Catherine through Clarity Whisperer .

These are the insights I will be sharing with you in Edmonton. It is with so much love and respect for you and your journey that I invite you to come and be a part of this magical event. If you have been feeling the call to Frock-Off and need a little inspiration, perhaps some tips or just to connect with like minded enthusiastic travelers, go to the link right now and register!

You can read profiles for all the speakers and find out more about the event location etc.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing a moment in time!




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