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My Evolving Vision, Mission & Purpose

Journeying to Something Else…

Like a lemon drop of sunshine dropping brightly through a rain shower, we can be hope to the world.  It is difficult to look into the eyes of a child and not want to make life different.

Better is just not good enough anymore!

We’ve tried to make a better world an improved on many aspects of life on planet Earth, we’ve evolved in critical areas and yet still we seem to be searching for something.  I no longer believe we are searching for something “better”.  Good, better, best… perhaps we’ve reached the best we can be with our limited beliefs and clouded views of what can be?

I think it is time to look towards a different world.  My heart wants something exquisite, divine, delightful and delicious!  my longing has taken me to look at the past and conclude. we did our best within that paradigm, now it is time to look elsewhere… care to join me on the exploration?  Click the navigation bar above and start the discovery… we’re only as limited as our ability to dream!

Let’s Get Real-Chattin with Catherine –Intention for the Show!

Well I sent out an email and posted on my facebook all about my thoughts on a ‘plan’ for my show. Basically saying I had no plan; rather just let Spirit Guide me, which is still true…but…. As per usual, I had a deeper insight after the fact. Alas! This is what was revealed!

I do in fact have an intention. It is my intention to co-create something so delicious and intriquing that everyone will want to contribute to its development! It’s not your traditional business plan, rather it’s more like a recipe. The recipe calls for many ingredients. It has an amazing ability to be in a state of formulation while at the same time being complete.

Unlike a traditional cake where everyone gets  an equal size piece to take away or consume, this creation is being inspired into beingness with each piece added. It has millions of succulent layers; sweet and sour, firm and soft, warm and cool, crunchy and smooth; all at the same time yet all distinct in flavor! We can experience the individual and the collective a the same time, without any judgment or aloneness. Separate and together at the same time. It’s the cake that never ends. The story that evolves. As each guest brings their particular ingredient to the recipe, I stir it up using a magical spoon that knows the precise speed and technique to use to incorporate that particular ingredient, while folding in the perfect contributions from our participating audience.

It is big enough to contain laughter, joy, sorrow, tears, frustration, anger, compassion and ideas for a better world, yet small enough to be intimate and personal.

It never depletes itself, although everyone is able to consume exactly what they need. It has the perfect balance of query to explanation,  point of view, gift and talent deliciously baked into every serving. My intention is to co-create, to share and reveal the experience you cannot touch, yet you can taste and feel. It leaves you completely satisfied and also thirsting for more!

If you have an ingredient to enhance this recipe please consider contacting me to be a guest on the show. If you have friends and contacts who you would love to bless with a piece of this cake, feel free to share the links to the shows.

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