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Music is such a universal language…the vibration of sound can raise us up and move us into places we’ve never imagined. Can you help me build a bridge of high vibrational sounds around the world?

musical notes around globe goldenAn invitation to musicians/singers from Catherine Publishing ~I am producing a series of videos for which I would love to have some original music. The videos are for promoting the shows on LGRCC and documentaries I intend to produce as well; at this time they won’t be sold, however they will be broadcast and credit given to the performer, so this is an opportunity to have your music heard by more people and perhaps reach audiences which are not already aware of your music. The exchange will be exposure and promotion for allowing me to use them to enhance my videos. I know I can use royalty free music, and that may still be the route I will go if I don’t have original work to apply to my projects.

However it just occurred to me that this kind of collaboration could be fun and serve in a more community oriented way.

If you have original work that you’d like to see receive more exposure, please email me at Or if you know of someone trying to get exposure, please share this info ….I can’t  guarantee that a particular piece will be used, but if possible I’d like to try.

I’ll be working with many different themes so various genres of music are appropriate, I may not use the whole song, but regardless, you’ll always be given credit if your music is used and if possible I’ll include links for people to connect with you directly. Thanks so much!!  Also if you have something new and uplifting which you’d like to share, please consider this your invitation to connect and explore being a guest on the show.

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