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Politics, Energy Work, Radio Show and More…Oh My!

As I’ve been watching my website develop I really notice that it is a reflection of my life. As I venture into unknown territory, it seems that I’m always discovering things that I want to share.

Although one thing may seem so totally unconnected to another, it has been my experience that everything is connected. One thing leads to another, one discovery leads to more curiosity and therefore more findings…so it is with my journey and me!

I will try to connect some dots for you with this article.

Prior to 2000, I had no interest in politics other than to vote. I never felt called to really investigate how an election was run, or what the real impact was on our daily lives. I was passionate about my country, so I followed politics in the news somewhat. But everything seemed so double-speak, so much spin and rhetoric, that I never felt connected to the process. I never felt represented by my elected officials, whether it was local, provincial or federal.

When I became ill suddenly in October of 2000, at first I couldn’t do anything. I had fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, but neither was well understood at that time. For the most part they are not ‘well’ understood today.

As I was told there was no cure, no known cause, and no positive prognosis either, I was frustrated beyond belief. I was told I would never get better, never! All I could do was learn to live with it. Living with it, for me, meant sleeping the majority of what was left of my life and being in constant pain. Because I refused to accept that belief, I was told I was in denial.

I was not in denial but I wasn’t willing to accept something that meant no hope. Hope is the absolute key to any recovery, whether it is for personal health, crisis in relationships, employment, or in our country. Hope is the one thing I have never lost!

So it was hope that drew me to spend the few waking hours I had learning about my mysterious illness. As I began to rebuild my immune system, to use alternative health methods, vitamins, minerals and so on, the health care system in Alberta went into chaos. So I paid attention. It affected me greatly. Then I had more first hand experience with the hospitals, due to my parents becoming seriously ill. So again, it had a personal impact on my life.

I started responding to newspaper articles with letters to the editor. My point of view and passion came through in the letters. That attracted political interest. After a number of years of building up my strength and stamina, I started to feel that hope was leading me to new arenas. When I was asked to run in the next provincial election, I didn’t feel physically fit, but I was mentally prepared –furthermore I couldn’t see that anyone else was speaking to the issues I was concerned about. I had something to say and according to my supporters I was speaking for many.

I have always believed that the one component missing from our democratic process is the people. By that I mean, fully engaged, interaction, accountability and an informed public.

From where I sit, everything is connected. Without clean water, healthy nutritious food, access to doctors and medical staff, solid safe housing, true education, not indoctrination, and so on, people cannot create peaceful, joyful lives. It just won’t happen without the basic needs being met.

War is a symptom of an unhealthy society.  Fear of survival at every level has led to so much greed and a disrespectful attitude toward humanity and mother earth. These were the things that I could see at the global level, because of my own personal experience. What happens to the individual is reflected in the greater populations.

What happened to my physical body was also happening to the body politic, to the global body, the community body and so on. Without the proper nutrition and mindset, I would not have recovered. Without hope, I would have neither.

My passion fueled my pursuit of a better world. I was eager to do what I could to help my nation and the world. I entered the world of politics with hope and some fear.

The fear was something that I learned was behind much of the mess we have in our world. It was the same fear that I knew personally. Many people are feeling it daily, some are conscious of it some are not. It is the very basic fear of survival.

I left the political world after running in two elections, one federal and one provincial. I was elected as the president of a federal political party in 2006 after being appointed the previous year.  I learned the inner workings of elections, political parties, and fundraising and found some of the roots to the dis-ease in our nation and world.

My primary reason for stepping out was that I learned how true it is that,  “WE CANNOT SOLVE PROBLEMS AT THE SAME LEVEL AT WHICH WE CREATED THEM.” ~Albert Einstein

From that new understanding I set out to seek a different level of understanding.

I knew that what was wrong with our planet, our political system was not something we could put a bandage on or simply address the symptoms. It was no different than the concept they recommended for my fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue; pain medication and anti-depressants.

It is all too obvious that we have been medicating the masses for years, and the dis-ease has not been cured, nor even gotten any better, for the most part!  I didn’t want an un-sick body ~ I wanted a healthy body. I don’t want an un-sick planet ~ I want a healthy planet…not just for me, but also for everyone! I don’t think that’s too much to ask!

It was this kind of thinking that led me to explore energy work for healing. As I explored the many options available, I found various ones that addressed my own personal health. I also began to explore the metaphysical. My curiosity led me on and on…what works for me at the individual level, can also work for the planet. I know it, because what makes me sick on the individual level also makes the planet sick.

As I started to reveal truth to myself, I also uncovered some of my own talents, skills and in some cases saw myself differently than I had in the past. I realized that there are aspects of me that are not in everyone else. I started to see my ability to sense energy, atmosphere and the impression I had when I met someone or walked into a room, was not a sense in everyone. That sense is perhaps more developed in me, or at least I am more aware of it than some. So it was at that point that I decided to offer my services as an Impression Consultant; however I soon realized that was too small a goal. I wanted to reach more people.

The impression we give people is very important in creating a relationship with them. Whether that is a personal relationship, or business matters not; an impression is an impression. Sometimes our personal issues are what creates our lack in the business setting, so it makes sense to connect what I know about the world to what I know at the individual level, and vice-versa. Everything in my awareness is part of me. My experience in one area transfers easily to another. My experience as a mother, wife, daughter, employee, politician, writer, patient, painter, cook, and on and on…allows me the flexibility to connect with the world at whatever level is asked of me.

If we want to create a different impression, we may have to tap into our inner voice and find out who we really are? We may also need to clear out some negative energy, old wounds and other people’s beliefs before we can create something that is a reflection of our authentic self. I have used the tools, explored many theories and beliefs. Throw out what does not resonate with my truth and accepted and applied what does. I’m sharing what I know, not just what I’ve read, or heard about. Furthermore I wanted to invite other wise people to share what they know and discuss it in a healthy way.

What we do at the individual level is also what we will need to do at the global or community level, when we decide we want something better. The tools for individual forgiveness, apply just as much to global forgiveness. As above, so below is a saying, which speaks so clearly to how connected we really are. Colour of skin, ethnic heritage, gender, religion or physical and mental abilities are not the barriers we have made them to be. They are some of the fears we’ve been conditioned to believe are threats to the individual and our survival; that has driven us to this place of chaos.

What I have learned about fear and the power it has when used to control people, is incredible; but it does not compare to the power we have when we truly let it go!

It is a different level of thinking. I do believe Einstein was correct; that indeed is what will heal and allow us to create an exquisite world.

It was my health issues that led me to politics initially. It was my politics that led me to explore my planet and home. It was that exploration which led me to explore how my humanity and politics was impacting my planet. That led me to investigate new thinking in order to heal my planet and my life. Being open to new thinking led me to energy work, which led me to meditation and eventually sharing what I know with you.  I never lost hope, but I changed my thinking drastically!

So you see, everything is connected…even the articles on this website…at least they appear to be to me…..


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