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Jo-Ann Lee-Maritiu pic

Jo-Ann Lee-Maritiu

Jo-Ann Lee-Maritiu is the founder and director of Balanced Elements.

She is an active board member with the Canadian Association of Specialized Kinesiology. Currently she is the Chair of the 2015 International Kinesiology Conference being held in Banff, Alberta this September.

Jo-Ann spent her childhood in South East Asia, where she was exposed to many different healing traditions and thus began her interest in whole person healing. After years of setbacks in her own health with no specific medical explanations, her curious nature led her to go back to the complementary and alternative health that she had grown up with. It wasn’t till she found Energetic Kinesiology did things begin to fall into place for her.

In 2009, her mom suffered a serious stroke; Jo-Ann made the commitment to fully pursue the wealth of knowledge within the world of Energetic Kinesiology to assist her mom’s healing process. Jo-Ann’s mom recovered quickly from her stroke and returned to work despite a diagnosis that she may not work again.

Jo-Ann is fortunate to have trained and mentored with some of the best Energetic Kinesiology practitioners in the world. Jo-Ann practices multiple branches of Energetic Kinesiology, as she believes that no one model can cover the entire breadth of health in the human body. She has fused those skills into her own unique and powerful approach to relieving mental, emotional, and psychological stress, physical tension, and pain.

Jo-Ann is a dynamic individual with many talents: mother, facilitator, counselor, writer, avid reader and cook. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of Calgary.

Jo-Ann has worked with hundreds of adults and children in schools, businesses and various countries around the world. She has a special interest in working with children and assisting them with the physical and emotional stresses involved in their development. She believes in the fullest potential of everyone no matter what state of stress or dis-ease they are in.

With an enthusiastic and genuinely friendly attitude, Jo-Ann radiates a sincere passion for delivering the benefits of kinesiology and self-healing to her clients.

Contact information for Jo-Ann at Balanced Elements

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