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FB Image indexEvery once in a while someone  comes along who inspires us to reach beyond our limiting beliefs not because of what they say, but because of what they live!

Jo Dibblee is one of those unique individuals…we’ll be chattin in January 2015 so watch for the updates! If you can’t wait to get the book, please go to her website!


Meet Jo Dibblee…(to Watch video go to the Current Show Listings)
Recently awarded, by Readers’ Favorite, a medal in true crime, hope and inspiration, for her Internationally Best Selling Book – Frock Off: Living Undisguised. She is also a two time recipient of the coveted International Managing Director of the Year in 2009 and 2011. She seemed to have it all but appearances are very deceiving. In truth Jo had lived in disguise for 35+ years, relocating fifty times in her life and using eighteen different names.  Book Cover with awards

Jo Dibblee, is recognized as a former Master of Disguise or as she says a former frock-aholic, she knows what it’s like to be frocked up in disguise.

In July of 2007 she decided – enough was enough – and she reclaimed her life! Today Jo helps individuals who are ready to live the life they desire and dream – those who are tired of settling for “good enough” and are ready to live their legacy. Helping them live in health, joy, love, and see wild success without apology, fear, guilt of shame.

Join Jo in conversation and commitment to being the change you seek at and on facebook at Frock Off: Living Undisguised.

Join Jo at this Frock-alicious Event~Details via link

Join Jo at this Frock-alicious Event~Details via link

What others say about Jo:
“Jo is a natural leader, educator and story teller; an agent of change in the truest sense of the word … from her heart and her own experience. She connects with each person it is a though she is speaking directly to them. She creates a environment of “yes I can” and drives real and immediate change.” Samarpan Faasse | Fundraising & Public Relations Coordinator |South Okanagan Women in Need Society

“Jo draws each person in as if she is speaking directly to them. She is highly personable and offers no judgment which allows the audience to relax and engage with her to really absorb the message. A powerful and strong story that offers hope to everyone. I’ve enjoyed the many conversations, post event, that her presentation stirred up. Jo is truly helping lives to change and more women to thrive in being who they are.” Gail Watson, Founding Partner, Women Speakers Association

“Once in a while you meet someone who leaves an impression on your heart, and you become a better person for having known them. I met Jo several years ago, when she was “in hiding”. Although she was in stealth/protection mode, she somehow managed to hold our connection in an amazingly, loving way. Jo has an enormous heart filled with compassion and her dedication to helping people find their voice, is an inspiration to us all. Her seminar was extremely meaningful, sensitive, motivational, entertaining and focused. Her spin on telling yourself to Frock-off is brilliant, provocative and healing. So blessed, she has stepped into her own power.” Perri L. Besserer, ACC, CPCC. NuYU Life Skills Co. 780-416-2676 business Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

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