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John Campbell
About the Author of ‘The Secret of Intimate Relationships’—Little Book Series (John chattin with Catherine on youtube )

After recovering from a life of corporate fraud and various addictions, John Campbell became a visionary, author, and inspirational speaker on the topic of conscious living. His passion is to assist in transforming the way people perceive themselves, others, and the world in general.

Born in colonial India in 1946, he then lived in South Africa and Kenya and he came to his native England for the first time in 1953 when his father was appointed to a new position. At the age of eleven, his chronically addicted mother introduced him to alcohol and crime and unknowingly he developed a core belief that in order to get his mother’s love he had to do criminal things.

John eventually left his childhood home to join the Merchant Navy as a Navigating Officer Cadet at the age of seventeen; he went on to qualify as a Master Mariner and obtained his first command as Captain at the age of twenty-six.

In 1976, he left the sea to take over as Managing Director of the company’s operations in Nigeria. It was during this time that he was introduced to the business of oil smuggling. He started his own company and began smuggling oil out of Nigeria for the major oil companies, having purchased his first ship when he was thirty-four years old. John’s slide down the slippery slope of addiction to alcohol and risk-taking worsened.

At three o’clock one morning, while crossing the Libyan Desert in a taxi, he was hit by the insanity of his life. He had recently arranged the sinking of one of his vessels to facilitate a fraudulent insurance claim and had paid to have a man exterminated due to his interfering with the business. Mercifully, this killing did not take place but having also felt the horror of a Nigerian prison John was now feeling the pain of his false life.

Now he had just met with officials from Colonel Gaddafi’s Libyan government with the intention of supplying them with military radios. Thankfully, before he was able to embark on this final mad idea, he hit rock bottom upon his arrival home and an “Earth Angel” came into his life. This was a friend and former drinking buddy who, inexplicably, contacted John for the first time in fifteen years to tell him his own story of recovery. It was the seed John needed.

In 1997, he admitted himself into Broadway Lodge, the same treatment facility for addictive disorders his “Angel” friend had attended. It was in this treatment centre that John experienced a profound spiritual awakening. This led him to give up all his former business practices overnight and embark on his healing journey. He became a dedicated seeker for the answer to a nagging question which constantly occupied his mind. Who am I and why am I really here? He knew that there had to be a ‘better way’ of relating to the world. He realised that this world was insane and that he had known this from a young child.

John’s upcoming biography

During this time, he became familiar with many concepts that stimulated his interest in the workings of the human mind. John travelled the world undertaking numerous trainings in the field of personal development and spiritual healing. He became qualified as an NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist having trained with Dr Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna. He also qualified with Dr Doreen Virtue as an Angel Therapy Practitioner© and became very interested in Indigo Children and education. His long search took a dramatic turn when he was led to and began studying A Course in Miracles. This spiritual masterpiece, which teaches forgiveness, love and compassion for all as the tool for letting go of guilt and achieving inner peace and joy, answered all his questions and—to this day—remains the prominent focus of his life.

In 2004 John ended his long and unfulfilling marriage. Soon after this marriage ended he was invited to examine a business venture in Vancouver, Canada. Despite not feeling comfortable with this invitation John decided to go to Vancouver and explore the offer. His intuition was correct about the business and he soon extricated himself from the venture. Feeling dejected at what appeared to be a ‘failed’ venture – he decided to nurture himself when he saw a sign in a café in Langley, called ‘The Rising Bun’, advertising ‘British Pies’ and he went in to sample the fare. The woman who served him was only working there for the day helping out. Her name was Mary and as soon as they met they felt they had known each other for ever. Mary and John’s past experiences in relationship with their former spouses inspired John to write his book ‘The Secret of Intimate Relationships’ which has proved to be hugely popular.

Mary is also a committed teacher/student of A Course In Miracles and together John and Mary now support individuals and groups, helping them understand their lives and relationships and assisting them to become free of victim consciousness. They travel the world together sharing the principles of A Course in Miracles and following the successful publication of ‘The Secret of Intimate Relationships’—Little Book Series, John is working on editing his autobiography, Addicts and Angels—A Smuggler’s Voyage to Enlightenment which has attracted an option agreement from a Vancouver Producer/Director. Want to hear more about what John has learned since his younger days…powerful two part interview…this is part one John Campbell~Journey The Other Side of Hell

John hosted his own weekly radio show, ‘Miracle Hour’ for a year where he interviewed people about their lives and work. He spent ten years as a Director and Vice Chairman of Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club and still maintains his passion for the sport in general and the club in particular and has worked with young professionals teaching them the power of their mind and thoughts. He now sees how every experience in his life has been turned to an advantage of being able to serve and support others on their journey.

“John has a gift to actually affect a great deal of change in the world.”
—Tim Laurence, Chairman of the Hoffman Institute and author of You Can Change Your Life: A Future Different from Your Past with the Hoffman Process

“John has a unique gift of gently disturbing the comfortable and comforting the disturbed.”
—Paul Carman, workshop participant


Publisher’s note: John will be a keynote speaker at A Course in Miracles (ACIM)Ireland Conference 2013 along with Carrie Triffet (Long Time No See) and Nouk Sanchez (Take Me To Truth -Undoing The Ego).

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