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John Maguire~International Kinesiology Conference 2015 speaker

Founder and Director of the Kinesiology Institute
John created the Kinesiology Institute in 1989 and has trained a wide variety of doctors, therapists, and world-class athletes throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. He has developed several professional training programs on how to use Kinesiology in a clinical practice to eliminate pain and optimize health and performance. John is the developer of the popular Kinesiology Certification and Mentorship Program, where many graduates have developed successful practices transforming people’s lives.

Holding degrees and certifications in Holistic Health, Applied Kinesiology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Postural Integration, Massage Therapy, Personal Training and Electro-Acupuncture, John draws from a breadth of knowledge and skill that he incorporates into his private sessions and courses. He studied extensively with Dr. George Goodheart, DC the founder of Applied Kinesiology and he worked closely for several years with Dr. John Thie, DC, the creator of Touch for Health.

Holistic Health and Pain Relief Expert
For more than 35 years, John has helped tens of thousands of people become pain free by identifying the root causes of their health challenges through muscle testing and energy kinesiology by empowering them to take action to create optimum wellness. He is particularly adept in the areas of pain relief, overcoming emotional issues, and nutrition, assisting his clients and students to live longer and healthier lives.

John is one of the most highly regarded instructors of Touch For Health (TFH) and Energy Kinesiology in the world. As an expert in muscle testing, he has taught tens of thousands of people from over 81 different countries. Since 1994, he has been a faculty member of the Anthony Robbins Life Mastery University, where his students are continually amazed by the profound and rapid results they receive using his easy-to-follow methods. John is known for his ability to make complex material practical and simple to understand.

The Banff Centre~IKC 2015 view from inside looking out

The Banff Centre~IKC 2015 view from inside looking out

Spreading Touch For Health and Energy Kinesiology Throughout the World
He has played a significant role in helping Touch For Health become one of the world’s most widely used systems of performance enhancement and natural health care. He trained some of Russia’s top physicians in the advanced skills of TFH. Because of the impressive results they experienced, TFH has been incorporated into the programs at several hospitals and medical schools throughout Russia. John conducted the first Touch For Health Instructor Training in Italy, where it is now widely practiced. John has also trained people in Asia and Africa, where he continues to conduct training programs on a regular basis.

Sports Training
A certified personal trainer, John created Sports Kinesiology Seminars that he has taught throughout North America and Europe. He has brought performance enhancement technologies to many Olympic and world-class athletes, such as the Italian National Olympic team and top Hawaiian Ironman triathletes. Many of the athletes who have used John’s techniques have reported dramatic improvements in both their race times and physical recovery, as well as fewer injuries, some setting national and world records.

Private Practice
In addition to conducting seminars, John has a private practice utilizing Energy Kinesiology and Touch for Health. His clients commonly notice increased energy, improved posture, freedom from chronic and acute aches and pains, better digestion and elimination, and greater overall relaxation and freedom from emotional stress and trauma. These procedures also prevent pain and dysfunction from occurring and are simple enough that clients can use them for self care at home and share with their family and friends.

Keynote Speaker
John has won numerous awards in public speaking. He has shared the stage with Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, John Gray, Colin Powell and Caroline Myss. He is a sought after speaker who brings practical and relevant information and skills to his audience.

John’s presentations are fun and lively. As a former stand-up comedian, John mixes humor with powerful content to truly enrich his audience. He is also an excellent musician and recording artist who livens up the crowd, often making impromptu appearances with bands and solo performers.

John was the winner of the Enlightened Wealth Institute Infoprenuer of the Year in 2001. He received a lifetime achievement award from the Touch For Health Kinesiology Association in 1997. His twelve year old daughter also awarded him “Greatest Dad in the World.”

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