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Jolie Montlick

Jolie Montlick is an 11-year-old singer/songwriter, National Spokesperson for an anti-bullying organization, 2nd Degree Black Belt, martial arts instructor and two-time State Champion.  Jolie turned her love of music and songwriting into inspiration and help for other kids, in her recently released anti-bullying music video that is being seen across the globe. (Watch & listen to our chat on youtube  or scroll down to play the audio only.)

The video went viral in just 2 months, with viewers in over 100 countries and well over 1 million views on YouTube.  Over 150 children and adults participated in the filming of “My Song for Taylor Swift,” which also honors Taylor, who was once a victim of bullying.  In the video Jolie provides a heartfelt message of kindness, compassion and hope through a number of scenes that show acts of kindness, intended to motivate and empower kids to speak up when they see someone being bullied, and to be a friend to someone who is a victim.

In what many people have called the “best anti-bullying music video ever,” “My Song for Taylor Swift,” with its upbeat tune and heartwarming scenes, is already having a major impact.  Kids who have heard the song or watched the video have said: “I am not going to be a victim anymore;” “It made me realize that I am not alone;” and “I am going to speak up the next time I see someone being bullied.”  The music video recently premiered to a crowd of 10,000 people in Atlanta, and Jolie appeared live, and it has also been used for community and school anti-bullying rallies to show examples of positive actions that kids should be taking.

Jolie is taking a leading role in raising awareness of bullying and providing kids with solutions. When she’s not wowing fans, Jolie, along with her sister Nikki, are the national spokespeople for A4K, the Ambassadors 4 Kids Club (, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering young people to speak out against bullying and child abuse. The sisters have appeared in numerous television interviews and public service announcements, to promote awareness and to help provide kids with the information they need to prevent, stop and report bullying and child abuse.

And Jolie, now 11, who wrote the song and filmed the video when she was only 10, is doing more than talking and singing about bullying. She is donating 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of “My Song for Taylor Swift” to the A4K Club to help stop bullying. As Jolie says on her website: “I believe you are never too young to make a difference!”  The video can be seen at and on YouTube. “My Song for Taylor Swift” is available for purchase, along with Jolie’s other songs, on iTunes, Amazon and other digital distribution sites.

Jolie is also a 2nd degree black belt, instructor, and two-time state champion in Tae Kwon Do.  She has helped teach self-defense and life skills to over 1,000 kids.  In addition to “My Song for Taylor Swift”, Jolie has just released three new singles: “Just One Day”, “Crazy For You” and “Need You.” For more information, please visit


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About David Montlick

David Montlick is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Montlick & Associates, a personal injury law firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with 34 attorneys that serves the State of Georgia and the southeast.  Mr. Montlick is Jolie’s Dad, his law firm was the sponsor of the “My Song for Taylor Swift” music video, and he was the producer.

Under his leadership, Montlick & Associates, is well recognized not only for providing exceptional legal service, but also for their extensive and unprecedented public service programs for a firm of its size. Those programs fall under two main umbrellas:  their 28 year running initiatives to help families prevent injuries; and their extensive efforts to support the troops.

The firm was named the Most Patriotic Business of 2011 by the Association of the United States Army in Atlanta, and Mr. Montlick was awarded a Patriotism Award by the Association in 2012.

Their efforts to help families prevent injuries include: over 100,000 people have attended the firm’s various safety events, including the Teen Driving Academy, DNA LifePrint events, and kid safety events; its Family Safety program that includes a two-minute weekly news segment on ABC in Atlanta; its Help Keep Kids Safe Program (; the firm’s Don’t Text & Drive and Don’t Drink & Drive Campaigns that involve both billboards and television messages; being the Founding Sponsor for the Ambassador for Kids Club ( national anti-bullying organization; its Drive Safe partnership with the Safe America Foundation which has included Teen Driver Safety Programs, the use of driving simulators and its newest Free Car Safety Check program to keep families safe during holiday travel; and its Car and Booster Seat Safety Campaign which includes television messages and billboards.

Like his Daughter Jolie, David is a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, two-time State Champion, and he is a Certified Instructor.  He has been volunteering to teach martial arts and self-defense classes to kids and adults 3 to 4 nights a week for the last 5 years.

For more information on Montlick & Associates, please visit

For more information on the firm’s public service programs please visit

For more information on the firm’s efforts to support the troops please visit:



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