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Judy Armstrong micJUDY ARMSTRONG

Singer * Songwriter * Speaker * Coach

In her professional theatrical career, Judy Armstrong, N.T.S., B.Mus., is a gifted and versatile artist who has inspired thousands from around the world. Listen to Judy on LGRCC January 21, 2014 by clicking the arrow below.

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Her credits which number over 3000 presentations range from dinner theaters, concert stage and world-class conventions, to featured television performances on CBC-TV Specials and special guest appearances with the late Danny Kaye (CBS-TV, Hollywood) – which makes her age slightly over 39 …

Judy combines her professional career in theater, music and national television, with her in-depth work in Psychology of Vision® to deliver energizing messages.

Judy Armstrong as GrannyAudiences love hearing Judy speak and sing, and then watch her transform into the outrageously funny old ‘Granny’, a character she often uses in her work to help people laugh at themselves. (read about Granny’s origins here)

Judy has presented in hotels, theaters, corporate offices, tents (one, which blew down in a huge storm, but that’s another story….), airplane hangers, cruise ships, barns, outdoor platforms, night clubs, ballrooms, gymnasiums, community centers, classrooms and even roof tops.

Judy and her husband, Tink Robinson, are well known for their successful productions at Heritage Fort Steele, B.C. where, for 13 summer seasons until 1989, they produced, wrote, directed and performed shows at the Wild Horse Theater.

Judy’s work with helping people discover and express their True Voice, while harmonizing the well-being of the whole person has led her to compose, produce and perform six unique CD’s, including KIDS (for all ages) which she co-wrote and performed with Tink.

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Judy’s songs and lyrics breathe light into the human spirit and uplift those who are seeking the doorway to their own expression.

“Judy’s music uplifts one’s soul and being. Her sounds caress the fiber of my heart and help me rejoice to be alive.” MARK VICTOR HANSEN, co-author of Bestseller, “Chicken Soup for the Soul”

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(Keynotes, Concerts, Voice and Performance Coaching, Workshops, Music for Events, Life-Lifts and ‘Hire a Granny’),


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