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“Discover Your Sacred Money Archetypes – Your Money DNA, so that you can up-level your life, business or career, and put yourself on the path to money mastery!”

Featuring Julia Maria Lloyd
Founder, The Radical Bliss Academy

Julia_275x300Julia is a Business Success Coach and Certified Sacred Money Archetypes Coach. She teaches women a ground-breaking business model that dissolves money blocks for empowered success.

Money influences every aspect of your life and business

Whether you have a little or a lot, and whether you’re new to business or a seasoned professional, Sacred Money Archetypes is a system that instantly illuminates your Money DNA.

Getting to know your archetypes puts you fully in the driver’s seat and helps you break free of any blind spots that have held you back at any level, no matter what your current level of prosperity is.

This is like the Law of Attraction – for women and money. heart money

A system to attract more of what you want, and less of what you don’t.

This system allows you to align your spiritual and financial success, and transform your relationship with money in a practical way that’s especially designed to manifest in your business or career.

Transcend situations that are costing you money into opportunities that are making you money!

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