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Debbi Coleen's Starseed Blueprint

Debbi Coleen’s Starseed Blueprint

Tonight’s show~Go Deep or Go Home~on Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine, a specifically named show with Debbi Coleen where we delve into subjects in a very deep way. Expected an Exciting Show Tonight & indeed it was! Once again we discussed Karma and included a nice connection to numerology. Numbers have meaning and we can change our Karma!   Our topic tonight is ‘The Karmic Game!”

There is no denying it there are so many layers to life on this planet! Debbi Coleen is so adept at taking us through astrology, numerology, tarot, Chinese astrology, her Starseed Blueprint based on the Chinese 5 element theory and so much more.

We never know where we are going till we are there…please leave your comments on the website here….Debbi Coleen 116X Lang cards 300 10




Listen to tonight’s show NOW!

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