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Laura L. Brown – Bridging the Gender Gap in Business …. and Beyond!

Laura L. Brown, Chief Change Agent and founder of LotusLifeWork, provides cutting edge, neuroscience-based, interactive programs, products and coaching for individuals and corporations bringing an understanding of the gender differences and dynamics that lead to conflict, miscommunication, and misperceptions in the workplace that decrease productivity, collaboration and advancement opportunities.  She also brings her unique knowledge base to parent-child relationships guiding parents and educators in understanding the differences between how boys and girls learn, filter information, and process the world around them, so that parents can most effectively support their child’s development and education.
Laura L. Brown has over 25 years of business experience working with companies such as Apple, HP, Microsoft, IBM, Compaq, Infiniti division of Nissan, and Marriott Hotels and Resorts. She has consistently built, developed and trained multi-national teams with zero turnover, and has been a sought after coach and mentor to countless individuals, leading to significant career achievements.

As co-founder of a niche internet business started in 2003, Laura was key in establishing profitability within 4 months, and ensuring their service’s position as the de facto standard in the industry.   Laura has an exemplary history which includes the development of a unique consulting practice serving IBM resellers and providing services never before offered in the reseller sector; building and managing a successful, worldwide software product division at an international software company; and twice developing a computer systems manufacturer’s business within North American distribution from $30M to over $300M in two years.

An experienced veteran of diverse industries, Laura brings a depth and breadth of knowledge, skill and talent to bear on what is now her passion – sharing the neuroscience of gender differences – and changing the way the men and women (boys and girls) communicate, collaborate and relate in all areas of their lives.

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