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I notice that many people learn in many different ways. I notice that for some people; they will sit down with an intention to learn about something by reading, studying what has gone on before, examining the theories and various people’s opinions or discoveries throughout the years. They will use books, documentaries, or whatever resources are available to them. Then they attempt to apply it to their lives. Or they apply specific pieces along with their studies. They learn a little and attempt to apply it. Or they wait until they learn a lot and then apply it. Sometimes it works, other times it does not.

Some people do not have any desire to learn about things from other people, they want to jump right it and try something after hearing a little bit from someone else. That’s ok too. It can however sometimes be painful and not have successful results. Like putting your hand on a stove to see if it is really hot!

Other people, like myself, do things without knowing they are doing it. After they’ve done it, they try to figure out what just happened? The majority of my life’s learning has been like that. I do of course, read, research and explore things I’m interested in to expand my mind and/ or just for pleasure. It is just that I am so very curious about events, or situations in life. How does that work, or not work? Why can’t we do things a different way? Or, I might be saying,  ‘Is there another way, a better way to do something?’

So there are many ways to learn, but in some cases, it is best to receive instruction. This is the case with meditation into the deep. You can go it alone. You can wait for it to come to you, as it did for me. But if you are curiously wanting to know what it is all about and have a desire to have the best possible results, then I recommend having someone teach you the basics. When you are prepared and understand the concepts you are able to let go and allow. When you let go and allow, you are able to experience a healthy journey into your own self. When you can connect with your inner self, the possibilities are endless!  Read more… Sacred Gifts or Hidden Talents or go back to 7P’s to Successful Meditation 2.


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