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Catherine writing on the floorI shared this commentary on my facebook page…but wanted to share with you here as well…

Feeling a bit like expressing some of my observations about our current situation on planet earth. (my opinion…nobody has to agree)
Most of us have grown up with the saying…’all is fair in love and war’…but I wonder how many people realize how that mindset has really allowed many very good people to do some otherwise unethical, or immoral, or even cruel things? For too many people the idea that anything goes when we are at war…has caused so many people such pain; but the masses tend to forget that when they listen to media.

People can and often do find ways to justified just about anything when they think the prize at the end is worth it…hence another saying…’the end justifies the means’…and frankly it was exactly that mindset that caused me to get out of politics a number of years ago…

In the beginning of my political career; I thought with new people and new fresh ideas, we could make a difference…but the path to get elected had so many twists and twisted ideas and many people believed that it didn’t matter what it took to get there…once elected then ‘we’ could chance things…however my belief on that is that a foundation built on lies, or unethical behaviour and ideals will not support a house of solid truth or clarity, or fairness….the foundation is where the roots are…Sometimes people are called to remember who paid to have them elected and when the favour is called in, they feel they have no choice. Decisions are like that in many of our lives, not just politics. Following the money trail is not always all that clear and trades of favours other than money also happen. We need to wake up to how our world has been working, or not working. When we listen to media reports from many sources and it appears that they are all reading from the same script, doesn’t that make a person wonder? How is that reporting? Or true journalism?

I’m not suggesting everything in media is a lie…I’m suggesting we need to use our discernment always…t.v. programs and radio programs…are called that for a reason…propaganda has been around for eons…and unless we are paying close attention we cannot know what is truth. That’s what freedom is all about…freedom to trust our own inner wisdom…that doesn’t mean we have to distrust everyone else…but it also means we don’t have to give up our own power in submission to other people because of their status or perceived grandness and goodness.

There is potential for good and bad in all of us…and what is good for one may not be good for all…we need to remember some of this common sense (imo)…a lot of that has gone out the window under these many years of fearful barely surviving lives we’ve been living. I think our lives were meant for more than consuming and producing; and I think we all have the ability to discern fact from fiction.

We only need to put aside the beliefs that tell us we are not ‘enough’ and recognize another old saying…we all put our pants on one leg at a time…we are all the same, unique yes…but equal…so let’s drop the pedestals, and look at the world through new eyes…eyes of love…not fear. Eyes of empowerment and mostly realize that mistakes and decisions made in the past were made by people just like you and me, doing the best they could with what they knew…but this is a new world and new decisions and new ways of doing ‘life’ in peace and harmony is long overdue and we are ready for that.

We CAN handle the truth. So let’s start demanding it.
Many blessings…Catherine

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