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Everything in our training, society and cultures has one form or another of glorifying suffering. It’s really rare to meet someone who is able to see the ease and flow of life without struggle. We reinforce these beliefs by our words and our deeds. We train children that if they want anything in life they have to work hard for it. We listen to each other complain about our strife and then our amazing feats to overcome them are applauded. The best books, movies or sharing usually has the elements of suffering. We are taught in school what it takes to make a great story; a hero, a villain, an element to overcome (eg. man vs man, man vs the elements), a climax and then ‘the end’. Is the story of life on planet earth only or primarily about what we can overcome?

We know (or many of us do) that we create our reality with our thoughts and emotions; what we think about we bring about. We say we want peace and harmony. We say we want joy and love in our world, but we do not applaud ease or peace. We don’t celebrate it when we have it. We rejoice when war or conflict ends, but seldom do we really applaud it. So often we condemn those we see as living apparently easy lives; and then in their defense we’ll sometimes find something ‘bad’ that they had to deal with. It’s interesting to explore isn’t it?

Our language reinforces our belief that anything really worthwhile must come from blood, sweat and tears. If it comes ‘too’ easy then it isn’t valued. What would happen if we changed our thoughts and beliefs around how life can really unfold? What if we stopped training our children that they must suffer as we have for generations? What if we stopped saying that we have to ‘fight’ for what we believe? What if none of that is really true?

I’m rather tired of seeing people suffer and the world glorifying that suffering. I’m rather tired of those old beliefs that create so much agony for so many, perhaps needlessly. We can have compassion for ourselves and each other for our current situation; but wouldn’t it be more empowering to raise people up by changing our language and rejoicing in the ease of life? Celebrate what comes easy, love the peace, celebrate the lives lived with ease and grace. Affirm what we love not what we fear and I believe we can change this world; or at least change our own world and that will have an influence on the world at large.

Let’s be happy for those living in peace. Let’s be happy for those who seem to have life flowing easily and learn from them. Let’s stop the glorification of suffering. Unless of course there is something beneficial in holding those old beliefs, then of course hang on to them. My intention is to let them go. We can tell our stories without glorifying the pain. We can focus more on the positive outcomes the on the horror of the experiences, if we want to. It does require a change of beliefs and intention. I have no answers on this, but I have many questions about what else is possible? Is it possible to live on this planet without agony? Can we appreciate each other and the wonders of life without first experiencing pain and suffering? What do you think?

Blessing everyone of you with joy, peace, love and a life flowing with ease and grace!

Catherine Whelan Costen

September 4, 2014

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