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Let’s Get Real Chattin with Catherine…Six Months Recap

Curiouser and Curiouser She Goes into the Deep

Some of you are wondering what is this “Let’s Get Real Chattin with Catherine” is all about. The show started in January 2012, we are now just finished 6 months…I feel it’s time to be very clear!

This Internet radio show was birthed out of my never-ending desire for clarity and to understand more of what this earth experience is all about. My logical mind has always been confused about so many illogical things that happen in our human experience. Why do we not live in peace when we are so ‘evolved’? Why do we still take mother earth for granted? Why do we still see ourselves as separate from others? Why do we fight incessantly against and for the things we want? Why is there still poverty on this planet? Why can’t we seem to get along? And how can we get along, live in abundance, prosperity for all, harmony and respect for everyone and everything? Is it possible? I feel like it is and I’m seeking out people who I believe have a piece of the puzzle or as I like to call it, ‘a key ingredient to the recipe for an exquisite world’!

All of those questions swirl around in my mind. The answers seem so simple. I tried the political route and found that the old systems don’t support the new simple answers. The political system is built on a premise of winners and losers, wrong and right, us and them. I don’t believe it has to be that way! So the show became a personal expression of my own curiosity and quest for answers to how we can have an exquisite world.

The show has many elements that are unique in the world of talk shows. The first is that it is not meant to be argumentative, but rather an exploration. My role is not only to host it, but to enter into the discovery and to question and pose ‘what if’ scenarios. I see myself as a provoker of thought. When you listen you’ll get the concept very quickly.

My guests will often be surprised to notice that they are not the focus of the show; but their topics, their gifts, their expressions and thoughts are the vehicle for dialogue, as are mine.

My own life experiences are often launching pads for my questions, but I also depend and expect Spirit to lead the direction of the show. My own growth and spiritual maturing has taken me to a place of great trust in my ability to ask the question that the audience needs to hear, to poke into a subject where I hadn’t consciously intended to go. This serves me well. I do not hold myself out as an expert in any topic, but I am an expert in curiosity. That is my calling card.

Sometimes life seems upside down, backwards and very confusing…I’m looking for big T-Truth and understanding

These six months have show me that there is a place for in depth exploration and many people are showing up to share; both as guests and listeners! We only begun to explore and I intend to expand into many areas that will help me understand more about our world.

‘Let’s Get Real’, means exactly that, no illusions, no sales pitches, no facades, or pretense. We chat about things that matter, things that I want to know more about. At this point the show is entirely financed by me, for my own enjoyment. I reserve the right to decide what shows get aired on replays, or rebroadcast in another format, or which shows even if they are recorded, never see the light of day. Everything must be in harmony with my ideals, beliefs and purpose; otherwise it does not receive my endorsement or investment. Life is too short to invest in things that have no value, or that create disharmony; so I choose to own what I do and use my gifts responsibly.

It is my hope that my audience is drawn into the conversation enough to ask their own questions and perhaps to explore the possibility of living a better more exquisite way. I see it as a means to open a dialogue. I have no goal to reach a certain number of listeners, or to change the world. I do however believe that it is time for each and every one of us to stand in our own truth. This is mine. If by standing in my truth I empower others to stand in theirs that is a bonus to the show’s objectives. If the show goes viral and many people want to explore with me, then I know that’s what wants to happen and I’m delighted to be part of the change.

At this six months anniversary I am pleased to say that I have been able to explore with amazing guests who are most willing to dive into the deep and respond to my challenges with equal enthusiasm and playful wonder. I feel blessed to have so many wise, joyful, brave souls to honour me with their presence on the show and allow the spontaneous exploration that always expresses itself. It’s been fun and it’s only just begun….

I want to know what tools are available, what beliefs can be challenged, what techniques or medical wisdom is out there and how we can all benefit from a higher knowledge? I want to know and I know there are people who have answers, or ways and techniques to share. Aren’t you curious about whether there are better ways to live, raise our children, cooperate with other beings, share the resources of the planet? Aren’t you wondering if you are using your full potential or if there is something better?

Because I want to know, I believe that other people may also want to know, and that is the reason I share it through the show.

All of my guests are invited to be interviewed by me, using my particular

conversational style of exploration.


It’s my show, my style, my motivation and investment that creates it; therefore it is unique to my heart quest. I make no promises as to the outcome of the interview. I make no claims as to whether that interview will assist a guest in their business. I am not attached to the outcome of my show. I am only interested in doing my very best to reveal what wants to be revealed and serve the highest good in whatever I do. As the show develops and new technology presents itself, I’ll shift into whatever makes sense for me. No limits, no restrictions, no rules…just me and you!

Most of all this exploration process is meant to be fun! We take ourselves so seriously most of the time and that, frankly is boring!

This show is not for everyone. It is meant for entertainment, as it has been my experience that discovery can be fun!

If you are tired of sound bites and rules, news that makes you feel bad, programs that feel like you are inadequate, and you are ready to explore possibilities, potentials and discover with me, then come along …regular shows broadcast live on my website on either Live Show 1 or 2 page, accessible on the top navigation bar, at 8 p.m. Mountain Time.

You can get all the updates on the Show page. You can also access the replays through the Show page by clicking on the link in the Status column. You can also subscribe through the RSS feed on the Show page, so you’ll get regular updates via email. Never miss a show
…be able to join us live to help with the discussion. The time is now…are you ready to play exploration and discovery?

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