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Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine~ready to expand~what do you think?

Catherine purple shirt croppedGood afternoon all you awesome people and especially fans of Lets Get Real Chattin With Catherine! I’m in the process of pitching my show to get it onto mainstream t.v. or alternative larger audiences and although I have some awesome reviews on my website now…which you can view on the link below; if you have been thinking it’s time for the kinds of shows I do to reach a wider audience, I’d love it if you could write a review for me with that in mind…please send them to me at

I’ve had a lot of encouragement to indicate the time is now for what I do….which is awesome! But as many of you know, up till now the show is produced, directed, edited, funded etc. solely by me and I feel it’s time for a team! So many amazing guests and great insight that the masses are hungry for…I’m willing…what do you say? Any thoughts?

And if you happen to be a producer with some tips or leads for me, I am open to expansion and would love to hear from you! Many blessings and much gratitude!

Please leave comments below if you feel you have some insight or feedback that might be helpful…many thanks


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