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Our experiences of life, including the death process; (ours or someone we love) will depend on our belief system. If we think something is going to be hard, especially because we have seen it before as hard, or because we’ve been told it is then we’ll likely experience it as ‘hard’.


Life happens. Of that we have no control, our only power and it’s actually quite an amazing power, is our response to life. That’s where we get to decide whether it’s a struggle, impossible, or just the opposite.


I love that the word, ‘I’m possible’ can be written in several ways…the letters can be spaced in such a way that it changes everything. Life is like that. It has spaces and pauses for us to breathe and evaluate.

We don’t have to run down every path. We don’t have to doddle either. We do not have to go through life’s events in the same way that someone else did it. Each of us has our own gifts, talents and experiences of life and beliefs about it as well as death.

When we watch our children go off to college, or leave home or a spouse moves out of our reach, or we are let go of a job and so on; we often call that a loss. Yes I agree there is a void. When someone leaves a party there is a void. We can fill the void with anger, sorrow, or joy and love. To whatever degree we believe we have lost that will be the degree of the pain and suffering we fill the void.

We can also fill the void with anger, then let it go, then fill it with sorrow and let it go and keep replacing the contents of the void with something that feels better. We can do it at whatever speed we decide, but we do it according to what we feel is ‘right’.

If we follow a pattern of ‘rightness’ according to someone else’s beliefs we are not honouring our own lives. This is a common process because of our belief that what the world wants is more important than what we want or need.

We can try to make the whole world happy or satisfied, but that will not necessarily honour our wholeness. When we are broken and not honouring ourself we really have nothing to give the people around us. Nobody can take care of you, or know what you need better than you. #transition #death #catherineclaritywhisperer

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An author, previous Canadian politician, host/producer of online chat show Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine; Inspirational & Motivational Speaker about Real Life; she experienced the death of her father at the age of 9 yrs, then her oldest brother when she was 20 yrs, her stepfather in 2006 and most recently the death of her oldest son in 2012 when he was 29 yrs. Catherine has a unique and inspiring way of speaking and thinking of life and death.

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