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Good morning world! Another beautiful sunrise in my world…so pink this morning…must be a lot of love flowing over the horizon!
Life Has no opinion.001I happened upon an interesting post this morning on social media, that really made so clear the fact that we all chose to see what we want to see, or what we are capable of seeing through our filters.

Life just shows up and we observe it and then have opinions about whether we like it, love it, hate it or have no opinion at all. Two people seeing the exact same event can see totally different things. It’s very revealing about our beliefs and where we are at emotionally.

I saw a little video of an animal giving birth. For me it was a moment of beauty and wonder to behold. Perhaps because I’m really open to seeing life as the series of miraculous moments it is right now? Another person saw the same video and thought it was a cruel image because the animal was giving birth on a concrete floor. Perhaps it is because they are filtering life through the eyes of victimhood, lack, suffering and cruelty and so cannot see the beauty in that moment? If we were to examine this event in it’s entirety we might find all kinds of reasons as to why it happened in that specific place. On the surface without any explanation as to how this came to take place, we are left to our own filters to respond to what we saw. Can it be both awesomely beautiful and harshly cruel at the same time? Perhaps?

If there were subtitles running over it that said, ‘this animal was rescued and taken into this enclosure to protect it while it gave birth’…people might say, ‘oh what heroics!’ but if the subtitles stated, ‘this poor animal was forced into this enclosure so that the handlers could take her baby away at the moment it was born’…then we might have all of our triggers around freedom, or enslavement activated couldn’t we? It’s always about context and our own wounds, history and beliefs.

It’s so interesting to me to notice the many ways we humans can experience life and judge it according to our filters of belief. We make stories to tell about what we see, hear, feel and then depending on our level of flexibility or rigidity in being right about what we experience, we’ll make our story the absolute story or see it as just our perception of life in that moment. We can learn from our reactions to life.

It seems that we (collectively) often love to see our world in black and white, one way or the other, right or wrong when the truth is so much more than that. I have the sense that the more we can be open to seeing through a much broader spectrum the more options we’ll see for solutions to the things we don’t prefer.

To observe through the eyes of wonder, a heart of love and compassion, may be the key to us finding better ways to live in harmony in our world? Just some thoughts that flowed to me as I ponder the beauty in my morning sky…is it good? Is it bad? I cannot say…it just is for now…You cannot make me happy.001

Catherine Whelan Costen is an author, inspirational public speaker, host/producer of online chat show ‘exploring higher visions’ Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine
Contact info is on the website #lifehasnoopinion

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