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August 9, 2014

Catherine b&w with gloves~Life is so often filled with comparisons.

If you are suffering you are sometimes told to look at others who are suffering worse than you so you can feel better. Or as a means of making you feel guilty for your feelings. If you are prospering you are often told to look at others who are not so you can feel grateful. Or so you can feel guilty for your experience. Guilt, shame, blame are all tools which we’ve bought into to control our world, by controlling others through manipulating feelings.

But the truth is you do not need to validate who you are by comparing to others. You are being. Everyone is being who they are, not in comparison to anyone or any other experience. You need not apologize for your feelings, your sorrow or your gladness. When you experience sorrow, loss, or challenge, or joy, love and happiness, those are yours to experience, to learn with, to enjoy and not to compare.

Each has their own path and none are measured by what others are doing. Life is not a competition it is simply an experience which you perceive in only the way you can. The sharing is another aspect of experience, neither good nor bad. Only you can be you. Only you can experience your life through your eyes, your beliefs, your perception and that’s what makes it uniquely delicious. Only you can change it if you so desire. Isn’t that empowering?

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