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Linda has held an Integrated Healing Practice for the past 14 years, combining the direct communication of spirit-guides with counseling, hypnotherapy and energy healing.

Her work helps unravel the messages of your life experiences, supporting you in gaining insight into psychological, spiritual and health issues. (Linda chattin with Catherine on youtube )

Channeling is a window into the realm of the sub-conscious, supporting body/mind integration and profound transformational healing, which ultimately connects you with your inherent purpose and potential.

Globe with headphonesBalancing Body Mind & Soul introduction to the online telecourse starting Oct 23. 2013 ~aired live Sept. 25, 2013

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About Linda’s Work:

As a partner in the therapeutic relationship, Linda integrates therapeutic modalities with channeling to support your healing journey, and helps you expand your self-awareness so that you can discover the answers that are within you.

Channeling takes you into the realm of mysticism, meditation and spiritual nourishment, beyond cognitive therapy and intellectual interpretation. By processing the spiritual message with your deeper felt-experience, you gain insight into the nature of your psychological, spiritual and physical consciousness, which gives you the opportunity to connect with your inner mystery and soulful intelligence.

Process-oriented healing with Hypnotherapy is a body-centered integration of your thoughts and feelings; an exploration of your felt senses, inner journeying, imagery and intuition. This gives you the opportunity to go beyond cognitive therapy, beyond the need for intellectual interpretation, into the realm of mysticism, meditation and spiritual nourishment.

For Linda, healing is a way of life; it is a spiritual practice that transcends limitations with deep acceptance and faith. It is an honour for her to join you on your journey of transformation with devotion and attentiveness.

Contact Information:

604 738-5003


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