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It’s time to take the gloves off and get into some serious play!

There is a lot going on at LGRCC these days, while we are taking a short break from live shows I wanted you to know…”We’re making room for the new 2013 season of shows and some surprises too!


If you missed any of the first season shows on LGRCC please listen now before they are removed from the replay page” Please share with anyone you think might enjoy the exploration with so many wonderful guests and such great topics!


Go direct to the website and then go to the listen bar and click, or sign up for the email connection from there first. Lots of choices….ha ha isn’t this fun?! Would also love to hear what you think of last season, any highlights, or the best shows, or subjects.


There is no such thing as competition when we realize how unique we all are! Let your light shine and bring your gift to the world…it’s why you are here!

Until next time…take care


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