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Rachel Starkey, founder of Transformation Textiles & owner of Cotton Tales; with Marcy Field (on the right)

Marcy Field’s Story:

The Unshackled Tour
Several years ago, the thought came to me to mark this milestone year (60) by doing something that helped women and girls in the developing world.

A number of plans were explored; but nothing seemed to coming together. Then I met Rachel Starkey who with her husband JJ owns Cotton Tales factory in Egypt. Rachel uses her factory fabric waste (known as “offcuts”) to make washable pads and underwear for girls in developing nations so they are able to complete their education instead of missing school or dropping out due to a lack of sanitary supplies.

Lunapads, a Canadian company in Vancouver, matched Rachel up with Anna Ebert, a Canadian development worker based in Northern Malawi. As part of Anna’s work, she identified the need for pads kits to reach 50,000 girls! This is the first project for Transformation Textiles and feeds two birds with one seed: mass produces thousands of inexpensive pads and panties for girls, while reducing textile waste.

Malawi is one of the poorest in the world with an estimated three-quarters of its 15 million people living on less than $1 a day. $5 can change the life of Malawian girl as that is what it costs to produce and ship 1 kit from Egypt to Malawi. I knew this was my milestone project. For the cost of a coffee, one girl can be helped to complete her education.

In 1992, Lawrence Summers, then Chief Economist of the World Bank, said, “Educating girls yields a higher rate of return than any other investment in the developing world. “ The education of girls and women continues to be the leading contributor to changes occurring personally, occupationally, socially, and nationally. I’m excited about the opportunity to raise awareness and funding to help make a difference, so I’m taking a lesson from Rachel and feeding two birds with one seed: I’m traveling across Canada on my motorcycle (a goal since I was in high school) and while I’m riding and visiting I plan on raising awareness of little it takes to make a difference (my milestone project).

Please contact me if you are interested in learning more –  If you want more information on what this means, here are some links Marcy provided to help us understand

Here are some additional links that may be of interest:

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Marcy’s ride is also to honour her 60th birthday so if you need a little pump you can donate $60.00, or $600.00 or $6,,000.00 or whatever suits your panties…but even if you do $5.00 that is a huge contribution and very much appreciated!

How can you help? Really ? So glad you asked….We’ll have more info at show time, but for now here’s some info:

Donate info:

or here
“The need is overwhelming and is in the millions. TT is working with Anna Ebert, a Canadian development worker in northern Malawi.  Her initial survey identified the need for 50,000 kits and TT has sown and assembled 10,000 kits that are ready for shipping.  This is the Pilot Project and the need is to raise $50,000.  You can learn more about Anna’s work on the TT website.”

The price of a cup of coffee $5.00 =one  pad kit =education=empowerment+ knowing somebody cares=a whole new world !

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