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Tuesday, February 11, 2014!

- Chattin’ with ~Steven Cuoco


Listen live here at 8 p.m. MST on the 11th!


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 My guest tonight is Steven Cuoco~Intuitive Publicist


I’m delighted to be exploring further with Steven on this live show!

steve new shots

This is what Steven wants to explore tonight~ how about you?

Are you ready to find out how you can help yourself live a healthier life?  Are you ready to accept the fact that in order for you to feel better, and live a healthy lifestyle, all it takes is thinking healthy thoughts?

Intuitive Publicist Steven Cuoco will be chatting tonight on how easy it is to lift your spirits and enrich your health by simply thinking simple.  You have all the tools to help slim down your weight, sleep better, and digest a healthier you without relying on medications and diet fads that are only making someone else rich, and causing you to collapse into the mental debt of self doubt. Tonight you will receive simple answers to questions that should have been answered a long time ago.

You are invited to  call in to the show or use the email box at the bottom of this page, if you have questions. If you are calling in once you are on the line, as per the process above, using the Conf Id …press *2 anytime and I’ll know you have a question. The email box is live as soon as this page is posted until about 10 minutes before show ends. So if you can’t listen live, you can send an email question ahead of time and then listen to the show for the response.

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