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Catherine’s Caleidoscope & Channeled Messages

Catherine’s Caleidoscope: Priming the Pump of Peace & Empowerment

“Kaleidoscope” : ‘A constantly changing pattern or sequence of objects or elements.’



A Kaleidoscope is just that…change…Catherine’s Caleidoscope is a unique presentation manifesting through the energy of Catherine and includes messages Channeled through Catherine from the Universe. (see below) As our world shifts and changes we are able to see things through filters of different colours, hues, shapes, sizes, opinions, experiences and beliefs.


A regular event to offer points of view, along with affirmations for empowerment to support people in their daily lives as we go through these amazing planetary shifts.


priming the pump of life….

Please join us as we offer positive messages to lift you up, raise your vibration and together change our world.


Channeled messages below; for private explorations with Catherine go to ‘Uncommon Sense’

For private readings with Debbi Coleen visit her website today!

Debbi Coleen has 25 years of experience with transformative tarot, astrology and numerology. She offers you clear and concise guidance with personal attention to help you create the life of your dreams.

Debbi Coleen has 25 years of experience with transformative tarot, astrology and numerology. She offers you clear and concise guidance with personal attention to help you create the life of your dreams.



Let us begin…

Click on the links below to listen to audios and you can read the affirmations or keys for each episode above each link:


Affirmation: Yin~In this sacred moment, independent of previous circumstances, I acknowledge my oneness with Divine Mind, affirming that I am choosing to create a peaceful inner world.  I recognize that the outer world of my sensory perceptions merely mirrors my inner world so I do my best to consciously choose peaceful values, beliefs, thoughts, ideas, practices, words and actions.  I also understand that since I am connected energetically to the entire physical realm through my inner being, my inner consciousness of peace can easily align with and exponentially expand the positive peaceful intentions of like minded beings


Yang~In this sacred moment, independent of previous circumstances, I acknowledge my oneness with Divine Mind, knowing that I am choosing to create a peaceful world, uniting my longing for peace with all others of peaceful intent. I affirm that the exponential unity of positive peaceful vibrations of all sentient life appropriate to this situation be channelled to peaceful outcomes at the highest levels possible in this realm of free will experience.  I empower this prayer to Divine will, knowing that everything works out perfectly and only love prevails.

peace prosperity poster keys


Catherine’s Caleidoscope 1 Affirmation for Episode 1 above with Debbi Coleen

Caleidoscope 2  Episode 2  with Debbi Coleen

Affirmations for Episode 2 above : Yin~ I AM ENOUGH  Yang~ WE ARE ENOUGH

Caleidoscope 3 with Debbi Coleen

Keys from Episode 3 above: “The List”  & ‘To Be”  We are an Affirmation

Caleidoscope 4 Back to School  with Debbi Coleen

I Embrace my Curious Nature & Expand in my discoveries



Catherine roses bl&w blue background.001Channeled Messages from the Universe Through Catherine

May 23, 2014

Many humans have a process of de-cluttering their lives by selecting what they don’t want and removing it from their collections. This does create space, however you might wish to try selecting what you do want and allow the rest to fall away. This is a different way of focusing your thoughts on what you love, rather than on what you hate, dislike or object to. Whether it’s your closet or your mind, de-cluttering is a very good practice, however if you consider the mindset you do it in, you may love the results a lot more.


April 13, 2014

The Universe, God, All that IS …the great I AM…gives unconditionally…can you receive unconditionally? That is your part of the relationship. Ask and you shall receive is a law of the Universe, the only thing standing in the way of your receiving is your own opinion about when, how and why it can come to you. Justifying your worth, your need for it and so on, has no place in the equation. You put it there and you can remove it.


April 6, 2014

~Seek to know your own vibration. Do not attempt to change another. If the world is revealing negative people in your vicinity, then know you are attracting it. To change your world, change your own vibration. You will attract to you exactly what you are vibrating at. Positive, negative or neutral resonances will be mirrored to you.


April 4, 2014

~People often judge through fear and reject what they are unable to perceive with their minds. Going into the heart with an open mind can often help make the connection to the new or higher minded wisdom. Expanding consciousness is available to all, it is as natural as breathing. As humanity evolves more wisdom will come, but it will have little value to those with closed minds. Chose wisely your path. Only you can know what is right for you.


April 3, 2014

~As the earth shifts and changes in this physical reality, so too does every living being sharing this space. Embrace your uniqueness, your sacred gifts and talents and allow them to teach you. You have everything you need within you. The seeker will always find. If you wish to find the infinite wisdom go within for therein lies all the truths. Do not seek your truth in the external world, for it is only a mirror. If it reveals lies, disharmony and pain to your seeking eye, you have only seen the image of your fear. Go within and examine those fears, with a loving heart. You will find the external world changes as your perception of it expands. Peace be with you…be you Peace



March 21, 2014

I decided to go public with my channeled messages after I did go public on Facebook in a spontaneous moment. This was the conversation as it unfolded.

March 21, 2014 ~A channeled response through Catherine to questions posed about suffering and the necessity of it. This was the dialogue exchange (to give you a taste of what exploring can be like with Catherine):

Catherine: Actually I think the old butterfly experience was necessary in the 3D and it was also a choice. I think that the aspects of physical life can be a struggle, like working against gravity etc. But I don’t think we have to suffer, yes to pain, because the physical body has a sensory to it, in order to keep us safe. But no I don’t think we need that old cycle of caterpillar anymore. I think it’s time for us to spend more time on the planet in our butterfly stage. The new generations will likely not have to go through that, especially if we do not teach them it is a requirement.

This might be a stretch but to me, since I do believe in reincarnation; I’d say we have done the old suffering phase many many times, and that we have evolved and are waking up to that understanding. So now as we let go of the old ideas and beliefs we can step into the new with absolute ease. We’ve only used the butterfly concept because it fit with our understanding. But as we raise our vibration and the planet does also, we don’t really need that old learning. We got it in past lives. This period on earth now, is about realizing we made it!

Oh this really wants to be shared now…ha ha…so this is an interesting knowing that is flowing through me right now…but I get it so clearly that as I’ve suffered in many ways in this lifetime, and I did so of my own choice. The degree may not have been necessary, but I was tying up lose ends of past life stuff, finishing the lessons and now I can see it wasn’t necessary, but it was beautiful to do it just the same. My next life, I will not need to do it, but I might still chose some aspects if I decide I want to improve on a method or something along those lines. Oh dear…that is interesting…ha ha…so glad you asked the question…I did not know that till I wrote it…

(the question was asked about teachings of Rumi) Response channeled through Catherine: Well I would say that Rumi and also the many other teachers were giving us what we needed to get through those periods of evolution…there has been much suffering on the planet, and much growth…however I think that we have learned those lessons. We have learned that to continue on this planet we must let go of the ‘game’ of suffering.

Anon Question: How do you then account for paradox; light and shadow? How can we experience light without darkness?

Catherine Response: I really don’t know why I feel so strongly that the suffering aspect of our learning is over, but I do. The planet doesn’t need that game anymore, she’s allowed us to play it, via war, destruction, rebuild and learn etc. And now I think we’ve said enough to that kind of learning. We used to teach children about life, through pain, now we see that is not the best way to learn.

Anon Question: This may sound unkind; however, is suffering an illusion?

Catherine Response:: Yes I would say so. But then I think that perhaps this entire experience is an illusion. As Shakespeare’s words….’all the world’s a stage…and we are each playing a part or role’…I believe that…I’m paraphrasing of course.

As for shadow…I think that too was something we needed …and yes it creates a beautiful painting…and also it’s about the degrees of dark and light…can we survive with only light? I think we can

Here is my best and most current experience…when my son was killed two years ago…it wasn’t dark,,,, it was light. Did I learn? Yes very much. Did I feel pain? Yes but only in my body, not in my soul. So is that light and dark? hmmm I don’t think it was…it was a new experience and it was not suffering.

Anon: Yes, all of this that we call the five-sensory experience is an illusion, and most of us choose to make what is an illusion so real.

Catherine Response: exactly…so why not make the illusion joy, peace, love ? it is our choice…so why not chose something enjoyable?

Most of our training has been that we must have rain to appreciate the sun…but is that true? I don’t think so.

Anon: Very powerful, and thank you kindly for sharing the experience about your son, and how you are choosing to align with the light. Did you have that awareness when it happened or with time if I may ask, and if it’s personal, I respect your privacy if you don’t feel comfortable sharing.

Catherine Response:: We can have light rain, joyful rain, we can even have rain when the sun is shining…but we don’t expect it…I’d like to expect it more…because now I’ve seen it up close and it is possible to have both and have joy and sorrow at the same time

Anon; I hear you. You remind me of Byron Katie and how she presents The Work and lives her life.

Catherine Response: Oh yes it is very personal and yet it is also something I have no problem sharing because it was so profound and unlike any other death I’ve ever experienced in my life, and I’ve had a few. Yes it was immediately. I was infused with light from almost the first moment of knowing he was killed…it opened me up to a knowing like I’ve never had, didn’t expect and at the same time didn’t even realize it had happened. Only I knew a power in my body mind and spirit that was unshakable, unmistakably truth. Nothing could confuse or misalign me in that energy. It’s taken time to integrate and understand but it has never left me. It took me two years to come to accept the physical pain in my body, that part I didn’t understand until this anniversary March 15…for about a month I was feeling it in my body, the sorrow…but then overnight it lifted…as I felt it and accepted it…then it lifted.

Further Catherine Response:: Yes I very much relate to Byron Katie…very simple truths.

What I think happened to me, is the new was revealed, the potential for how death and life can be seen if we want to…not that the other way is wrong, because of course it is not. But this was an insight into what else is possible. At least that’s how I see this
and perhaps the other part of this that is important to your question about suffering…is that my son did not suffer…I know this completely at the core of my being. He left his body before the impact. So suffering is not necessary even in death. That’s what I know now.

Anon: personal comment not included here to respect privacy.

Catherine Response:…. exactly …it is the drama that we have chosen to play out. There is a story about a man killed by his best friend. Not sure who told it, but the story is that when he gets to the other side~ he is asked by someone on this side about how terrible it must have been. He responds by saying ‘you don’t think I’d let an enemy do that to me do you?’…it had to be someone who loved him very much. Interesting ….

Well I think if we can know or at least have a window of understanding that there does not have to be suffering in death, then why does there have to be in life? We can at least ask the question…imo

Anon: Powerful question.

Catherine Response: yes…most of us have a fear of death as an underlying drive in our lives…but if we didn’t fear that…perhaps we could live more fully?




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