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As part of the growth of Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine, and in recognition of listeners from all over the globe, I decided to create a meetup group for connecting more people. I will post the shows on the meetup page, where we can share what you liked about the show, you can suggest topics and guest etc. I am also encouraging sponsors to offer my LGR Chatters perks, so watch for that!  I am also encouraging people to create in person meetups and let me know, so I can post the date, time and place, for the in person chats about the show topics etc. Even if I am not able to attend at this time, the more we come together to learn about each other the better world we can create.

My intention is also to find out where my listeners are located so that I can begin to plan some travel to various places and do some in person chats with interesting people. It would be great to have a live audience for some of these also!

Please go to the link and sign up, I confess I’m not an expert on this yet…but here it is

You can let me know if you would like me to include your community in next years travel schedule and I’d love to hear your suggestions for topics and guests.

We can create an exquisite world…and to start with I think we need to get to know each other!

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