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Debbi Coleen

Debbi Coleen

This message was posted on Debbi Coleen’s facebook page…but I think it’s relevant to the energy shifts we are seeing right now. Hope it helps some of you struggling to understand the shifts.


On the 26th we are completing this very powerful Mercury retrograde. I’m finding these retrogrades very helpful to see the places I need to shift energy. In a positive way I’m seeing how far I’ve come from old places of stuck-ness that gives me much courage to go on. Really we have been revisiting the horror years of 2008-12 this week. But I think more in an overview position than dropped back into the energy and emotion of that time. Thank goodness!

But the reverberation of that time has some lingering horror for me today. I’m going to take care of myself gently here today and tomorrow. Things are slow here and it would be easy for me to get very anxious and negative. I’m happy though with the level of awareness I’m having anyways. That helps.

In light of this Mercury retrograde we have been revisiting all the recent experiences concentrated into this week and seeing the pieces that are left to be healed. This means to me that most of the causes of old issues have been dealt with now and it’s probably merely the mechanics of behaviours that we have used to cope with the pain of those issues that are now ready to be healed.

Now we can have the clarity to see the parts in us that are like addictions. How empowered! What I take from this is that the causes for negative behaviours and addictions for all of us are now within our personal healing range. We are no longer so tied into our family genetic generational issues that have had us pouring our energy and wisdom into those abysses. That’s what we’ve done most of this lifetime to assist the planet thru this evolutionary doorway. It is done, it is done, it is done!

Now are these final remnants of pain that are the mechanics of the addiction, not the causes. Mere empty shells of physical behaviour left after the intellectual, emotional and spiritual issues have been faced and cleared. The physical issues are the easier ones to see and deal with in a way because they are personal and visible. While they take real time energy to heal, they are no longer being pumped full of all the family’s stuff each moment as the genetic wounds cleared and cleared.

Also they are connected to the physical environment’s wounds and our healing work will lead to successes in environmental healing too. All of these are part and parcel of the awakening of the 60% of the population that has us prepared to begin this new part of our work. Looks like we will be dealing head on with the addiction issues of our world, just as we are also healing our personal addiction issues too. Things will move very quickly for everyone because time has speeded up so much. We will be tearing the bandages off quickly! Short and sharp. Woo hoo!

Visit Debbi’s page by going to the link on her name above, or go direct to her site for more info and how to connect for your personal readings and insights.

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