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Life is the Gift Whispers from the Other Side.001Sometimes the distance between heaven and earth is not very far…sometimes our loved ones send us a message through people, or nature, or circumstances. Sometimes they send us the scent of their cologne or perfume, or a food that was unique to their taste.

Today I was in a store making a purchase and as I rested my hand on the counter I could feel something wet. I was distracted while I talked to the clerk, but when I looked down my hand was bleeding like crazy. It had flowed on to the counter as well. I had scratched it somehow a few days before and it did not bleed at the time. I must have bumped it on my way into the store.

The clerk was very sweet and offered me a sanitary wipe, but the blood was just continuing to flow. All of a sudden a man appeared behind me and I had not noticed him but heard him say, ‘you’re alright’

I turned around and a tall slim man with a long white beard, whitish grey hair, smiled at me. I began to apologize as I tried to put this little bandage the clerk had provided to me, on my hand. The man laughed a bit and said, ‘oh I thought mothers were suppose to be good at that’…and I replied, ‘yes you would think so’

I apologized to him and the clerk again, for the scene, but the clerk said, ‘no problem at all’ and then the man said, ‘it was very entertaining’

I went out to my car as the blood continued to flow and sat there wondering for a moment. As I often contemplate the meaning of life and events that are out of the ordinary. Why had this scratch bled so much, it wasn’t very big, and why then? and then I wondered further….

‘hmmmm and how did that man know I was a mother?’ …and then I burst out laughing…’Ryan!’ I laughed. I know it was my son, who transitioned in 2012.
My life blood was also running through my son’s veins. To me this was a significant reminder, he’s always there when I need him. He always made life more sunshiny for me, and he told me through this stranger that my little drama, was entertaining, not inconvenient, not anything to apologize for; just like all events in life. Going with the flow, the bandage appeared when I needed it and so did a little message from heaven.

If you ever wonder if your loved ones still have the ability to communicate from the other side, just open your heart and ask for a sign. Then watch and let yourself receive.

I knew right away it was a message from my son, not because of the way the man looked, he was nothing like my son; but it was the words he chose and the way he delivered them that made me make that connection. If it had been a random comment, I wouldn’t have even wondered about the event. I pay attention to those kinds of moments.

‘Stuart Chase Quotes. “For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.” …I’m a believer! It makes life more exciting and the painful times more understandable for me.

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Catherine Whelan Costen

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