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Tonight’s show with Financial Consultant Pat Wenger was very practical and awesome information on our financial wisdom! For many of us just saying the word money makes us cringe! Pat is so comfortable and quick to move through her awareness that I found myself totally relaxed. There is much we have not been taught, but as she pointed out we don’t have to know it all…we don’t have to know all the ins and outs of our vehicles in order to drive them…that’s what the pros are for!

Oh boy…so much is available to help us relax about money…if you missed it live the show is in replay now…my guest Pat Wenger is a much sought after Financial Consultant and her grounded wisdom tells me why that is…–catherine/2012/10/24/pat-wengerfinancesletsgetrealchattinwithcatherine

Go to the guest page to get her contact information and read her bio….

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