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Catherine Publishing is a business based on a philosophy developed over years of exploration. Together with  personal experience and metaphysical understandings, spiritual quests and curiosity, human behaviour and global circumstances;  all have contributed to and shaped my beliefs.

A foundation build on integrity and truth, allows a strong and lasting structure; whether that is a business, relationship, political system, social conscience or individual health and well being.

What we say must be in harmony and resonate with our actions. What we believe to be true will be true for us, as long as we believe it ~regardless of how painful or joyful it is. I choose joyful beliefs!

If you are not honest with yourself, you cannot be honest in your relationships, whether that is business or personal. Everything begins and ends with us!

An open hand is able to give and receive…to hold and let go…that is true power and sustainable joy!

Our world is whatever we make it…joy in our personal life transfers to joy in business and our business attitude transfers to our community spirit…which transfers to the world…ONE person at a time!

It is my belief, my passion, my right and responsibility to contribute whatever joy and inspiration I am able to for as long as I am able to….

In peace


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