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I haven’t posted for a while as I’ve been going through some health challenges and working on my writing. I have a vision to launch a new season in the fall, however I am working through those details at this point. I’d love to hear your feedback on the previous seasons and if there are specific topics or guests you’d like to see covered on my network. I’ve had a couple of books in the works for awhile and I’m intending to have something finished very soon.

My life has been a journey of discovery, exploration, pain, tragedy, triumph and healing. The last 16 years have been intense in personal discovery as my spiritual gifts have become more clear to me. Healing the pain of losing my father when I was 9 yrs, then my brother when he was 23 yrs, and most recently my son when he was 29 yrs in 2012, have been the catalyst for much inner exploration. Many gifts and insights have been revealed through this process. Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue have certainly forced me to do the inner healing and my intention is to share the journey with my readers. I expect that sometimes the reason for a life of many bumps is in order to share the insights with others.

I recently saw someone’s post on social media warning us to be mindful that God is watching us, which led me to this insight. Often my clear sense of knowing comes out of nowhere and I just allow it. This is one of those insights.

My Sense of God.001

As I explored this insight, I received further clarity into the idea of being judged, that we’ve been so often taught.

When we are on planet earth we have a unique individual ego that believes we are separate from each other and from God. Separation is simply a kind of amnesia, so that the Great I AM can experience itself in all the many facets of expression that we are.

That aspect of our beingness called ego is neither good nor bad, its our personality; however it only knows one reality. It also knows it will die. The spirit or soul of who we are cannot die. The belief in death is what is at the root of the fear driving the ego.

There is no judgment at death. There is judgment in life. It is a tool the ego uses to manipulate us and its been used by other humans to do the same. We are all connected. We are all aspects of the Divine or God.

We often forget that while we are in the human condition. When we die we are given the experience of feeling and knowing all that we did or didn’t do in our lives. So if we inflict a wound on another we will feel it as we go through that life review. The reason we feel it is because it is part of us, we are one. If I smash my toe, I will surely feel that. It is much the same thing, only in this illusion of earth separation there is a delay, as we believe we are not connected to the other souls on our path.

So the only caution we really need is to know that what I do to my fellow human, I truly am doing to myself.

That is not judgement. That is consequence. We will experience everything that we gave to the world when we return to the other side and drop our body. It is not punishment, it is a review of our journey. If we want that review to be enjoyable then our actions on this planet must be enjoyable. What we give we shall receive. It is a law. I hope that shines some light for someone. It is the insight I am being given, it does not necessarily mean it is for you. I share for the simple pleasure of sharing in the hopes it resonates with some and makes the journey easier.



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