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September 16, 2014~We are living in a new paradigm…we are not waiting for it…it is here! Many people are trying to use the old tools that worked so well in the old energy, but finding they don’t work in the new. It’s time to recognize the new. Money is spiritual. Money is energy, just like love, air, water and people. Everything is energy and everything is spiritual; there is no separation.

The Universe is always seeking balance. Balance between the feminine and masculine has been missing for many eons. Now we are seeing the feminine return. Along with her return is the realization that exchange of services and goods, regardless of what they are, must be met with an equal return. Giving without receiving creates disharmony. This is in part why the earth has been in chaos for so long; it is also why we are seeing more and more chaos now. As the earth and the beings on her are attempting to adjust the imbalance of eons, we will experience disharmony until we come to balance.



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