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2013 Norma CowieMetaphysical Psychic Life Consultant – Past Life Regressionist – Yuen™ Method Practitioner

Norma Cowie has been a student of metaphysics for over 40 years. She began her journey in 1964 studying Tarot. Today she still uses them for Psychic Readings and teaching others how to read and understand the philsophy of life contained within the symbology.  Today Norma is an international speaker on many metaphysical subjects. (Scroll down for previous shows)

Watch Norma on LGRCC youtube channel March 7, 2013

One of her most requested workshop is Past Life Regression where her participants have the opportunity to experience one or more past lives. She also imparts the role Past Lives play in a person’s daily life. facilitating group Past Life Regressions. Her success in having participants experience a past life runs over 90% with any group. Her belief that Past Life Regressions are a simple way of identifying and transforming original decisions which create the issues experienced today is explained with easy to understand language. Her knowledge of her subject and her ease in presenting the meditative technique of going back into past lives makes her one of Canada’s sought after metaphysical speakers.

For eleven years Norma was the producer of the Psychic ESP Fairs which were produced in many cities in the Pacific North West of Canada and the U.S. She was also a regular on a TV Show titled Tomorrow’s Fortune in Vancouver, B.C. Canada, plus for four years was the host of her own cable TV show titled Exploring the Unexplained. Norma has also appeared on many radio and TV shows as a guest often answering questions using her Tarot Cards. She also hosted her own Internet Radio Show.

Norma is also the self published author of eight books, three on the Tarot, Tarot for Successful Living, Exploring the Patterns of the Tarot and Pathways of the Tarot, plus Secret for Living Happily, Connecting to the Light, Spiritual Principles of Wealth and Many Lives and Many Ways of Remembering Them.

Today, Norma lives in Penticton, B.C. Canada and travels facilitating workshops on various subjects, doing private consultations either in person or by phone and skype.

Norma Cowie brings her enthusiastic energy and her knowledge of the metaphysical psychic realm to all she does, whether it is a short lecture or a four day intensive course.

Listen to Audio only of video chat March 5, 2013~(click link) Norma Cowie LGRCC March 5 2013


*****Fall 2014~Norma Cowie’s Questers Conference(Soul Origins & More as mentioned on Video Chat Oct. 3, 2014)

Norma Cowie Questers Conference Part 1

and …. Part 2~Norma Cowie Questers Conference Part 2


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Norma Cowie’s web site is


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