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Do you ever wonder if numbers really have an significance in your life? What does your personal day, month, year mean?

Vikki MacKinnon head shot for bookVikki MacKinnon is a Master Numerologist and the author of ‘Please Take A Number’ Numerology for Real Life and Everyday Success and she joined me for a chat to help us understand more about how numbers work in our lives. I liken it to how much easier it is when we understand how gravity works and we use it to support us rather than work against us. Knowledge is power and this is no different.
Vikki MacKinnon has thirty years’ experience as a teacher and a numerologist, and a lifetime of interest in healing and spirituality. She has completed graduate level work in self-esteem and emotional intelligence, and is also a Reiki master.

Vikki has prepared numerology profiles for clients in Canada, the US, Britain, the Middle East, and Japan. She has been a guest on various radio shows and has also been interviewed for CBC Newsworld, the Calgary Herald, and Ottawa Metro News. PTN COVER

As founder of the Born to Thrive Weekend, and the Advanced Numerology Mentorship program, Vikki has taught and mentored aspiring numerologists in Canada and Japan since 2008.

Her mission is to help people understand how the energy of numbers affects all areas of life, and how we can work proactively with that energy for positive results – especially in our career and relationships.

“Numerology is unsurpassed in its ability to connect you with your purpose and guide you in the process of making your dreams come true.”

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