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fall leaves and pumpkinsWell it’s been a wild ride this past month…had some health issues that have kept me from really exploring and chattin with so many interesting people…but that’s about to change…this week I’ll be having a chat with the always awesome Debbi Coleen and her Starseed Blueprint wisdom, and Norma Cowie the wise woman with amazing wisdom that she’s gathered over 40 yrs of teaching and learning in the Metaphysical world…and then we’ll be jazzing things up with Vanessa Pressacco photographer, entrepreneur and creator of LiLu Cosmetics and the new face of Sexy & Wealthy in Heels Calgary….so this is going to be a rockin’ fun week for sure…watch for updates and broadcast times…either here (please click the like button and share the facebook page too ….) or on the website at
….and you can listen to previous shows from that link too…

See ya there…(if you are someone with something awesome to share…and want to be a guest…contact the publisher at …put ‘awesome guest’ in the Subject line so it won’t be missed!)

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