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sparkling heart Canadian flagOpen Letter to the Leaders of All Federal Political Parties in Canada
July 1, 2015
Today we celebrate our great nation called Canada and our love for her as the free and amazing land she is for all of us! We are embarking on a federal election in the fall, yet we are already hearing a great deal of election spin and propaganda.

It feels like the right time to write this letter. My request to you is that you raise the bar this time.

As a Canadian citizen who will be voting in this election, I want you to know that I have no need of hearing about how incompetent your opponents are. They will show me that themselves; most have already done so.
As we are looking at electing adult people, to serve as our representatives in our Constitutional Monarchy, our form of democracy and not stand-up comedians or ‘survival contestants’, isn’t it time for the candidates to reveal their abilities to serve the position we are hiring them for?

Rather than tell me what the rest won’t do or have done, please tell me what you can do and what your vision is for Canada and it’s people. Many of the bricks to this current foundation have been laid over the last several decades under various governments therefore I do not believe we benefit by simply blaming the most recent government. I do however believe we have a more awake and aware electorate now and we are ready for something much better than we’ve been experiencing.

Here is a list of things I personally would like to hear you talk about in this campaign:
• How quickly you are going to rescind Bill C51 and restore Canadian Freedoms as per our Bill of Rights
• How quickly you will restore our environmental protection act to protect our lakes and rivers
• How quickly and by what means you will rectify the poverty, failing infrastructure etc., and address health and well being on First Nation Reserves
• How quickly you will restore benefits to all Canadian Veterans and increase support for current returning Vets who suffer from PTSD
• How quickly you will cease the partisan appointments to the Senate and encourage the independent and unbiased sober second thought to this important process in our governance
• How quickly you will restore the proper amount of power to the PMO, prevent future Prime Ministers from having unilateral power and remove the revisions that took away the right of caucus to remove a Prime Minister without causing an election.
• How quickly will you pass legislation to create a more fair, equal and responsive proportional representation to the elections act~ensuring that every vote counts, and that every MP’s voice is heard in Parliament to represent the people of their riding
• How quickly will you pass legislation that holds elected MP’s to answer to their constituents first and foremost, independent of party policy or external influence?
• How quickly will you require all MP’s to read all Bills prior to their voting on them and engage in dialogue with their constituents on all Bills
• What steps will you take to disengage from oppressive regimes and trade deals that impoverish people anywhere on the globe? What steps will you take to restore Canadian sovereignty, including opting out of any unfair trade deals which restrict or remove Canada’s right to protect it’s citizenry or environment or both?
• How will you raise the bar to return Canada to it’s once proud leadership in Peace making and what measures will you take to assist in developing peace, harmony, and prosperity for all people on the planet.
• What measures will you take to restore the role of Health Canada to work for Canadians independent of pharmaceutical industry; and restore the important work of scientists in Canada to reveal publicly their findings and continue their much needed work
• How quickly will you pass legislation which requires all GMO’s to be labeled and assist in creating ease for organic farmers to grow and distribute their products within Canada
• How quickly will you assist in the development of alternative fuels and manufacturing products to use them; thereby creating jobs for Canadians and a cleaner environment~i.e. grants, low interest loans for funding via the Bank of Canada (thereby the profits going back to Canadians)
• How quickly will you begin to offer municipalities the option to borrow funds from the Bank of Canada for infrastructure at low interest for the benefit of the people of Canada and cease the borrowing from private banks

These are the some of questions I have for you. I want to know your vision for Canada. Many Canadians myself included, are tired of the juvenile antics that serve to entertain but do nothing to enhance our quality of life, our democracy, or our contributions on the global stage.

I encourage you to address the issues that matter to Canadians. We long to be free from enslavement, impoverishment, spying, fear-based politics and to contribute to our own nation as well as the world in a positive fashion.

Please do not turn this election into a mud slinging, character attacking, reality show. We expect better. We are the people, who pay your wages, but it’s much more than that; you are representing us on the world stage. The world is evolving. Solutions to our global problems are available. All we need is the visionary leaders with diplomacy, respect and the will to make Canada a leader on the world stage. Please consider that as you go forward. ‘True North Strong and Free…O’ Canada!’
Yours Sincerely
Catherine Whelan Costen

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