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Invite Catherine to inspire your audience with life affirming values and clarity on subjects you want to know about!

Catherine Whelan Costen
Catherine Raw to Real
Raw to Real is the exploration of the uniqueness of who we are without the illusions, beliefs and roles projected on to us by our world. ‘Diamonds from the rough’ are revealed when we discover the meaning we have given to events, circumstances and people in our lives, including ourselves. You deserve to know and appreciate the ‘diamond’ you are! Find the meaning and you find diamonds!

I love to share my own life experience of how one death bound me to a life that eliminated ‘me’ from the equation and another set me free to know my authentic self. Becoming our best self is the most exquisite gift we can give the world.

Life dishes up muck and mire but it also offers dessert! My true joy comes from inspiring others to see themselves as the ‘Diamond’ in the muck~ not the ‘rough muck’ looking out at the diamond.

Catherine Whelan Costen is the host and producer of an online chat show called ‘Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine’; she is a published author of ‘Father Walter Krewski’s Life Journey’, numerous articles, blogs on a variety of topics including social issues, women’s empowerment, life and death.

She is an intuitive gifted with a ‘knowing’, which she offers for exploration in private sessions through Catherine Clarity Whisperer.

After a life of many challenges she developed Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue at the age of 40 yrs which propelled her into a deep spiritual journey within to find her way back to life. In 2012 her oldest son was killed in a tragic vehicle accident and that began a more expanded journey of awareness and many unexpected gifts.

Exploring Higher Visions is her passion. Laughter is her fear buster. Discovery is her Mission. Chattin is her Sacred Gift. Connecting to Love is her Method. Learn more at


Comments from one Participant at the Frock-alicious by Design Event in Edmonton 2015:

“So far I have met Catherine three times. I first met Catherine Whelan Costen through social media as we were both speakers for the Frock-alicious by Design Edmonton event and instantly made a connection. The second time, in person at the Frockalicious by Design – Edmonton event where we took time to chat. The third time, was when she spoke: Catherine’s story was her entire presentation. And that folks takes a lot of talent and gifts to engage the audience with the content she shared. I was enthralled with what she calls “friends with death” story that displays tenacity and determination. While we were taken deep, we came up to be empowered to get real, and most importantly move on. Thank you for your courage to share. Looking forward to our next meeting!”

Loretta Kozak Friedrich

Loretta Friedrich, C.H.N., N.N.C.P


More Topics which Catherine Speaks Freely, Clearly & With Refreshing Optimism and Many Express Interest in:

There is NO Death~let’s get real about this!
➢ Her journey and learning through Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
The power of Forgiveness
➢ Single motherhood and the importance of non-judgement, empowerment and truth
Meditation for healing and accessing inner wisdom; using it as a tool, living in meditation, the various forms of practical meditation (from Catherine’s personal experience)
Vision for an Exquisite World
➢ Women’s role in the future of our species and world~embracing our femininity rather than becoming male imposters.
➢ The importance of deep conversations in family, society and media.
➢ Catherine’s experience writing, researching and publishing Father Walter Krewski’s Life Journey’ from a spiritual and practical point of view.


Catherine is open to designing a specific event with you to meet your groups needs. It can entail an evening or weekend event. Destinations outside of Alberta, Canada are more inviting for Catherine if you can show a level of interest for Catherine’s message in your area.

Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine will also travel to areas where the show is invited and has several guests to chat with. (Cost for travel/accommodations and shows will be arranged on a client by client basis).

All travel and accommodations are added to the event fee. For more information and to book times, dates, and rates. Contact Catherine at

Booking for Fall 2015 & Spring 2016 NOW!

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