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split  2 clip Norma Cowie ~Past Life March 17 2015-1Have you ever wondered if your past lives could be affecting your present life? Have you ever considered that you could reincarnate into an earlier time? Could two or more of you be living on the earth at the same time? If so what would that be like?

What an interesting exploration with Norma Cowie in our recent chat to explore all those questions and so much more.

Norma has been exploring and teaching in the metaphysical realms for over 40 years and she’s seen a great deal. It’s so great to be able to explore with Norma and learn from her many experiences and understandings.

You can watch the show here and leave us your comments below; either on this page or the youtube site. Please don’t forget to subscribe to lgrcc on youtube, join us on other social media links but going to the links on the top right sidebar.

Thanks so much for joining me on this amazing journey called life


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