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Do you ever wonder about past-lives or if you’ve had them, and perhaps how to find out?

Douglas De LongI’m going to be chattin once again with Douglas De Long of De Long Ancient Mystery School~he joined me a while ago and you can listen to that show from the show listing page…he has a book out which is intended to help people use the knowledge of past lives to help with our current life. Douglas DeLong Book Cover

We’ll be discussing how his new book can be used and so much more.

I’ll be posting the link to the new show as soon as it is available…this is going to be fun!
For more info about Douglas go to the link here



*Show update: So delightful to explore with Doug; we talked about using his tools in his book, his courses, private sessions and so much more. It’s nice to know we can visit the other side before we die and help dispel some fear of death. It is also great to realize we can use the Past Life Regression process to find the source of a problem in this lifetime and heal ourselves. Here is the link to watch/listen which will be live March 15, 2015

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