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Pat Wenger is a highly sought after financial consultant.  Pat has been working in the area of money for many years and brings a common sense approach to helping her clients deal with the “mystery” of money.  Her mission statement is to “offer peace of mind regarding money”.  Listen to Pat on LGRCC on the player below.

& Family & Money on Jan 16, 2013

Pat currently holds the title of “Director of Training and Development” for 2 branches of Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network in the Vancouver area.  Her role is to teach potential associates how to become financial advisors.

Pat also reserves as much time as she can to work one on one with people to help them to achieve their financial goals.

Her primary focus is on education vs planning as that seems to be the thing lacking in our education system, therefore, we enter the world of earning unprepared for how to deal with money. 

This in turn creates stress, frustration and confusion as to the most effective ways to spend our money.

Pat can be reached at 604-685-9099 x 224.



Pat’s Interviews

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