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Fear & Love Never Co-exist…

I invite you to feel the love~Guided Meditation Love CD

by Catherine Whelan Costen – all rights reserved 2011.

Fear is running our world…only because we haven’t made time for love….Meditation is simply making time to reconnect with Source and your inner Divinity. Quieting the ego mind and allowing your true self to connect. Isn’t it time to make time to love yourself?

poster guided meditation pic

There is so much power in love…are you ready? This is a kind of beginner meditation, with information at the beginning on how to prepare for it. The meditation is about 40 minutes. Many people who’ve been meditating for years also enjoy it. The more you do it, the more you will benefit from it. If you are not familiar with all of the words, please refer to the website for more clarity. Your body and spirit will know what to do, this gives your mind a place to go while spirit and body heal, clear and allow.

Everyday is a holiday from fear when we give ourselves love….The regular price of the downloadable CD is $15.00

For more info contact me at…

Catherine Publishing
P.O. Box 478
Alberta, T0L 0J0

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