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Rachel J. Olsen is passionate about inspiring others to accomplish their goals and finding their true potential through healthy lifestyle choices.

She  delivers life saving information through wellness coaching, speaking, and personal training.

Rachel is a certified raw vegan chef and nutritionist. She is also an athlete, author, speaker, motivator,

and a true example of how dedication, perseverance,

and taking responsibility for one’s own health can result in reaching optimal health and personal goals.

She owns Saldare Ltd. and holds a Master’s in Business Administration degree,

a Bachelor of Science with a major in Mind Sciences in Kinesiology,

and numerous personal training and wellness certifications.

She is the author of Morgan’s Journey you can get more info on her book at the link

Here’s a little about Morgan’s Journey “Morgan Day is a woman who lives life to the fullest, has an avid social life, and seems happy on the outside; however, she struggles with inner demons that pull her away from the happy, healthy, and successful life she deserves. Will she follow her dreams and grow as a person by stepping out of her comfort zone or allow others to persuade her to stay where it is safe? Follow Morgan on her journey and learn how you too can reach for the stars and watch your dreams become a reality.

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