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Remembrance Day in the Future! Perhaps?

By Catherine Whelan Costen

Someday in the not so distant future I imagine a child asking his/her parent what is war? Why do people still celebrate Remembrance Day? The parent will get misty eyed and a conversation will ensue…. something like this:

Parent: This planet has had a very turbulent history child. There was a collection of souls that incarnated here to challenge every aspect of what the human physical body could do. They wanted to experience all manner of pain and suffering. They took it to the extreme.

Child: But why would they want to do that?

Parent: Well in spirit world we can’t feel all of these emotions and we of course do not know fear. So many of them wanted to really, really know fear.

Child: They did?

Parent: Yes they did. The only way they could truly know fear was to forget who they really are and don the suit of helplessness.
Child: Oh dear!

Parent: They began to believe that this planet didn’t have enough food, water, and resources of every kind to sustain them. They believed that only the most resourceful would survive. Which meant that they would do anything and I mean anything to hoard whatever they could to ensure they would live and their children would survive. They even started to believe that the ones that did that well were better than the ones who couldn’t. It became a kind of game of great competition. It started off simply enough.

They were afraid of the animals, which could kill them for food. It’s a predatory planet of course you know that. But once they learned to kill the animals and eat them, they weren’t so afraid anymore and they found ways to live with them and only kill them when they needed food. The animals agreed to this exchange of energy. There was a lot of respect for this part of the game. But once they learned to kill, that’s when things got a little bit out of control.  fall trees

They told themselves stories about people who had a different body suit. Sometimes they diminished the other humans and made others believe they were just like animals, so it was acceptable to kill them or use them as slaves. They often taught their children to be afraid of anyone who didn’t look like them. Some of them thought the winner of this game would be superior to other beings. Stories grew according to their desires. Each generation told the stories of their parents, but they also added in some details to make it more interesting and sometimes to serve their own fear. They became somewhat addicted to fear. Some used fear as a tool to control others. They manipulated stories and fabricated things to create more fear.

Child: Really? Ewwww

Parent: Really! You see they had a kind of remembering of who they were and that they had forgotten the truth; but because they couldn’t fully remember they made up stories that seemed real to them. They told them so often they became part of the collective belief. They turned their stories into absolute truths and made laws around them. If anyone broke the collective law they would be punished. Sometimes they told them that Creator would punish them when they got home. That is something they really feared.

Child: What kind of punishment? Did they prevent them from seeing the light? Did they not let them see the beauty of the planet? Did they stop them from feeling love?

Parent: Yes in a way. They would sometimes send them away to a place where they were isolated from the rest. Or they would physically hurt the one they called ‘bad’ by hitting or torturing their body. You see because there is no pain or suffering on the other side this was something they found very interesting. Some of them even hurt their own bodies as part of their rituals. You see child, they only had a tiny piece of memory about the other side. They knew it was free of suffering, they knew it was divine, loving and joyful and this earth place didn’t have that same energy. It was very different. But the memory made them wonder why they were here and they began to see this world as a punishment in and of itself. They forgot that they wanted this challenge. They wanted to experience a planet where there was duality. Good and Bad. Black and white. That is why there is up and down, night and day and all the seasons of change. So part of their story was that if they did everything right they would get to go back home, or to the other side where they believed home was. At the same time, they were terrified of going home and being a disappointment to Creator. Some were so afraid that they created a belief that there was no creator, no home and no place to go after this game was over.

Because fear was the great driving force they feared everything. They even feared each other. That fear was not real and they didn’t actually like the feeling. When they didn’t like a feeling they did the opposite of what we know from our connection to Source; they hated it. Instead of seeing all the other beings as part of the Oneness, they saw everything and everyone as part of the separateness. That created a wall. Over the years the wall became more solid and very hard to penetrate.

poppy horse

This is why in the beginning people could only stay for short times. The fear was too much for a being of light. But gradually they became acclimated to the environment. Each lifetime they came back and stayed a bit longer. The longer they stayed the more their memory of home faded. The new children were taught what their parents knew and the forgetting was like a disease. In fact it was the forgetting that caused dis-ease. They took all their fear into their bodies and creating disharmony in their cells. What they didn’t realize is that they were more powerful than they knew. They were creating the very disease in their own bodies and communities.

Child: You mean they didn’t know that they were infinite creators and that Source was flowing through them? How could they not know that?

Parent: Ha ha…seems ridiculous doesn’t it? Well they didn’t know because the forgetting was a process as they came into the body suit. They had some remembering as babies, but the parents of course did not and the parents trained them to forget. The ego or personalities of the parents, had developed into such a strong force, that they felt threatened by any mention of home that was different than the one they had adopted over many many generations on the planet. In fact any child who still had the open connection to home would often be beaten, or manipulated into believing the lies until they accepted the lie as truth. Things went from shadowy to very dark with each new generation.

The more that they forgot about home, the more they became attached to the things they created here on planet earth with their physical manipulations. Many started to escalate the fear to the point that they didn’t want to go home at all! They were so attached to this game that they felt that leaving it would result in so much loss of their stuff, they began to fear going home. Just like you do sometimes when you are playing a game with your friends and it’s time for bed. Sometimes you feel anger towards me when I insist on your doing something that you don’t want to do. Do you understand?

poppyChild: Hmmm yes I think so…but I still don’t understand what this has to do with Remembrance Day?

Parent: Aha…I’m getting to that.

The more attached they became to this planet experience and the less they wanted to go home, the more they reinforced the story about death being an undesirable state. Death was something they could inflict on an animal, or other being they felt were threatening their way of life on this planet. The fear was so strong, the wall between home and here was so dense and the beliefs almost solid by then that they were killing each other for the resources of this planet! They went into an almost panic state of being. The fear was almost palpable wherever you went.

Because of those beliefs they started doing all kinds of rather insane things to the planet and to each other. The people with the most physical resources had the power to control the rest of the beings. Not because it was true, but because the people collectively believed that lie. They felt trapped. Some people used the stories of home as part of their control mechanism. They would tell people that if they killed someone they might be rewarded very well when they got home. Or the opposite; they would be punished into a fiery hell if they did something that other human beings decided the Creator would not like! Or they would say that the Source of All that is was directing them to kill others, or to oppress them. They used Creator as a tool too! Like you do sometimes when you want to take something from your sibling and you tell them that mom or dad said they must! Do you see how something like that could be used on a grand scale?

Child: Wow!

As the fear grew so did the hate. Hate comes from fear and the fear came from forgetting that they were all part of the same family of Source. Each one was a tiny spark of the Oneness, but they forgot all that once they arrived on the planet. All equal in importance, but all with unique gifts and abilities.

Then as this progressed, they decided that masculine energy was preferable to feminine. Can you imagine one without the other?

Child: Oh no…that isn’t even conceivable is it?

Parent: Well they created more and more separation and banished the feminine from the planet. She was not able to live on the planet for many years. They had made the planet uninhabitable for the feminine. It was a very sad time. If it wasn’t so sad it might be funny, because all manner of being was fighting the other. Men against women, women against men, different races all had stories of being victimized by other races, countries fought each other and rallied their people to stand up for freedom. But the truth was that no one was free. They were all shackled to a lot of lies that disempowered them completely. They fought each other out of fear that one group’s beliefs might hurt the rest. They fought about Creator and who knew the truth, when really most of them had long forgotten the truth.

They forgot that they came to explore the earth and to do it as a family of explorers. They forgot that working together would make their experience more enjoyable and still challenging. They were meant to learn about gravity, how to use the resources of the planet and to take care of her. It was an experience in collaboration, cooperation, joyful creation and exploring what was sunrise in the Universe

They also wanted to know fear. They wanted that more than anything else. Even when they weren’t running from animals, or torrential wind, fire and floods they would create movies to depict something they could be horrified of for a period of time. They were addicted to fear.

Do you see how that addiction got out of hand? Do you see how their ignorance of home and the Source of All that Is, became their greatest downfall? So they did learn fear and then they learned to hate it, but they didn’t know how to stop it.

Child: Did they not know love?

Parent: Well they knew some variations of it. They sometimes were able to love their spouses, children and friends. They sometimes extended it to strangers, but that was rare. Eventually some people started to wake up as they evolved. Those people were at first ridiculed greatly. Some were killed just for speaking the message of home. Some were called insane. Some spoke of it secretly in their homes. Then something wonderful happened. More and more people remembered and started to speak and act it out loud. The words had great power, but when they put it into action it created an amazing ripple effect!

This didn’t happen overnight. It took many generations. There were still many who were addicted to fear and hate. There were many who wanted to be right. They wanted to win the game. They thought that if they could overpower others then they would have the most resources and win the earth game. But of course they did not know that that was not the objective of this game. They forgot that they all had to thrive in order for the game to be considered a success!

It really got out of hand at one point and that’s when the collective beings from other planets, dimensions and from home where the other parts of the human beings lived, began to intervene. The memory loss was so catastrophic that it was threatening the planet herself. It was time to bring back the feminine. After all, how could anything be created without her? But these beings had lost all concept of creation, they were so embroiled in the very aggressive masculine energy that had permeated the planet and was without a mate to balance it; that they were destroying everything in the pursuit of winning a game that couldn’t be won. This took many years to expand and allow in the feminine energy. The vibration of the planet was so dense and black that hardly any light energy could penetrate it. The humans had to agree to cooperate in this evolution and luckily many agreed. Light began to flow in and show the people the shadows. They at first responded with more fear and tried to extinguish the light.

Child: Oh no…that is horrible!

many universesParent: Well it is and it isn’t. These kinds of evolutions take time. Near the end of all this mess the people became so terrified, so frustrated and so confused about what was true and what wasn’t that they starting call for help from anywhere; some called for angels, others for God, others for interdimensional beings of light and so on. Their pleas for help grew louder and louder and so the call went out. Soon many beings agreed to go to earth school to help out. They were sent and invited to come to raise the vibration of the planet and bring in more light. What do you think happened next?

Child: I don’t know.

Parent: It’s rather humorous as I look back, but so many beings incarnated that the earth people went into greater fear about the overpopulation of the planet and their concern about not having enough resources! Which unfortunately fueled more war! Now it was war on population control, denial of healthy food, addictions to man made food and medicine and the control of it all. It truly was a time of great insanity.

Child: Wow that’s really crazy! They asked for help and when it came they were afraid of it!

Parent: Yes, as that was their habit. The great news is that more light did flow in and more people did accept this invitation to give up their addiction to fear and the hate began to dissipate. Love moved in, rather slowly at first but then it came in torrents. All the old ways of being, including the hate started to turn into compassion and understanding. People started to see that killing each other was not even necessary to solve their problems. Communication reached an all time high and with that new information helped to dissolve their indoctrination systems. They opened their heart minds and that’s when things got really interesting and fun!Remembrance Day Edmonton 2012

Child: aha…I think I get it now. We are remembering the last big war in order not to create it again, right?

Parent: Yes we are. We are also remembering that it was not ONE war that caused the problem. It was all the little wars. They had wars against diseases, war against behaviours, war against religions which all were rooted in the war they created in themselves between knowing and not knowing. They had a war internally about whether they were valuable, loveable, worthy of sustenance and they fought for everything regardless of whether it needed to be fought for or not. They had a war against everything you could imagine. They even had a war about how to remember the sacrifices of people from their past wars. All of their wars were fueled by hate; hate of all the things they feared! They didn’t know they could let go of the fear anytime they wanted to.

Finally one day the people remembered the most important thing of all…they remembered their divinity and when they did they could see it in everyone and everything else.Remembrance Day Edmonton

So we take this day to remember with great compassion, how lost humanity was, their amazing courage to try to get out of the forgetting, the struggle they had to go through to remember, the sadness that they were so deeply infused and we celebrate the new earth. This is what they hoped would happen one day when they said, ‘Lest we forget…’

Child: I’m so grateful for this day…Let’s go remember together with everyone!

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