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Energy work, including meditation involves repetition. Energy and vibrations are all around us. Mother earth works in repetitions of seasons, the tides flow in and out repeatedly day after day, the sun rises and sets each and everyday. There is a rhythm to our lives, to our blood flowing, to our heart beats and our in breath and out breath. Repetition of events is how life is on planet earth. It is life. So when we are learning something new, repetition is how we learn best.

We live in a world where other people’s beliefs, ideals and desires are all around us. We hear messages constantly about what we need, want and desire based on marketing, or society, or religious, cultural and historical ideals. Those messages are repeated over and over again in order to create results. Not all of the results are what we desire for ourselves.

Many of these concepts become ‘habits’ to us. Some are desirable habits, while some are not. Changing our habits requires reprogramming the noise in our heads. How can we place a new message into our brains when it is already full with other people’s messages?

Just like we repeatedly wash our clothes so we can re-wear them, wash our bodies, brush our teeth and so on, we also need to cleanse or clear our energy bodies.

We need to cleanse, using appropriate energy cleansing techniques, safely, gently cleansing away the old in order to make room for the new. That process will need to be repeated over and over again. Just like the old program was repeated over and over again until it stuck. Repetition is indeed the key to ‘programming’ human beings. Brain washing is considered a negative term, but indeed that is what it is. The old is washed out so the new can enter. The primary difference is that the individual is choosing what to wash out and what to allow to enter! That is empowerment to me!

I don’t repeat myself,....I don’t repeat myself!!<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Why NOT? Just make sure you are repeating positive words like...             I love you! I love you!<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
I   love  YOU!

As I ponder the use of repetition in our lives I have come to see a different perspective on it’s power to create and how it influences our lives.

Meditation uses that power of repetition. It is the conscious consent that makes the difference. Each time you repeat the process you can heal more, let go of more, go deeper into your self and discover more. We are multiple layered beings, so this process takes time. In fact we are not our bodies at all, they are simply the vehicle we use for our spirit or real selves to get around and be seen by other spirits in bodies. As I’m sure you would never say you are your truck, or car, or horse you ride…and so you are not your body either! But to get to the ‘real’ you, you have to get inside yourself, through the outer layers and that takes repetition of meditation.

I recall years ago being told that in advertising they understand that before a person makes a decision to buy a product, or use a service, they need to see the words or the message and branding about 9 times. That is very subtle but it is very effective to sell products. Why not use it to enhance our lives with the things we do want, like peace, joy, abundance, health, freedom, and so on?

Habits are a repetition, which we develop consciously, or not. Some habits are seen as good, whereas others are not. We train ourselves to perform ‘good’ habits, whereas other habits, which we generally do not want, seem to come out of nowhere. But of course, they do not come from nowhere. We are trained. We are trained from birth to be exactly what society can accept, or our families expect, by virtue of  our gender or physical traits. These messages can be subtle or overt and they are very often confusing.

When we are learning any new technique, sport, or craft we repeat the steps over and over again, until our body responds without hesitation. An athlete trains the same muscles, movements and sequences over and over until the movements become natural to them. Once they have that confidence in the movements they can increase the speed or frequency of them. They learn to trust their body will respond without having to consciously tell the particular limb where to go.  It simply and easily moves without thought and as the body moves seemingly without thought, the mind is free.

As with sports a dancer must also prepare their body before they can use it. They have to stretch, to strengthen the many muscles, ligaments, tendons and so on before they take a step. When a dancer first learns the steps to a certain dance, it is slow and not very pretty to watch. It can be very painful as they practice the same steps over and over again. Until one day they are no longer thinking about their feet and instead their body is feeling the music and moving in harmony with the flow. That is meditation. There is a significant different in dancing with a partner and dancing solo. When we dance with a partner we have to be aware of their movements, their energy and mood. We adjust to their presence. When we dance solo we simply interact with ourselves. Meditation is like dancing solo; with a partner who is so in sync we believe they are us! Because spirit is us!

As we learn the art of meditation, we have to first learn about the energy involved, which parts of the body are used, what the steps are, and then slowly begin to take them. Then practice over and over again until one day we are dancing with the flow of energy all around us. When we quiet the body, completely quiet every muscle, we hear our own breathing for a while and then eventually we hear nothing but the silence. At that point we are in the flow of the Universe, or spirit. That is the point of bliss. In that silence is where we allow the body to heal itself, to let go and connect with our inner most guidance system. It is indeed profound.

It occurs to me that rather than allow habits or beliefs to develop, we ought to take the time to examine these aspects of our lives, before we accept them as ours.

We are at a time in history where humanity has evolved to the point where we are seeing our power, our ability to truly have an impact on our lives and the life of mother earth. There are tools available. We must take responsibility for our own well-being. We must do our homework; invest in ourselves and our world. This is the true awakening. It isn’t about fear, or doom and gloom for humanity and mother earth, in fact I believe the only fear out there is the fear of the unknown. In 1932, Franklin D. Roosevelt said, ‘the only thing to fear is fear itself’…and I agree. Fear is what is behind so much of our global disharmony, war, dis-ease, greed, unhealthy ego, -its now 2011, and I think it’s time for us to let that fear go!

Meditation is only one layer or tool available to assist us in letting go of that fear. You owe yourself the time and effort it takes, to explore this avenue, if you are looking for something incredibly powerful and liberating!



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