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Meditation can be as simple as daydreaming, or just quieting the mind for a few minutes. It can also be extremely deep. It can take you to different dimensions, astral travel, healing the physical, mental, emotional bodies etc. When we intend to use meditation as a journey, or a healing tool, then we are not only resting our bodies and minds; but we are joining our energy to spirit. That is a profound experience and not to be taken lightly.

Whenever we work with energy we have to be respectful. There is a process to it and in no way do I mean that it is spooky, it is not! It is awesome, amazing and frequently miraculous and it is part of us. But it is not something to dive into and hope for a quick fix.

We live in a quick fix world and meditation is an alternative, not an additive. I am in the process of asking for guidance in order to create a program to teach and use meditation for people who want to learn it.

We have all heard of people having spooky or frightening experiences with energy; movies are made from that source of fear! Horror movies are very popular from time to time and some people actually enjoy being terrorized, albeit in the comfort of their chair! Utilizing energy in a respectful way is both enlightening and joyful. It is not scary. I do however know that sometimes people dabble in things they do not understand and that can lead to experiences which are frightening. I do not recommend it! Calling in spirits from the unknown without proper protection and assistance, or not having the highest intention will no doubt have negative results for all concerned.

In order to attain the best possible results for healing, or inspiration and guidance, it is necessary to enter into our relationships with spirit with respect. There are processes to clear out lower energy, to set a boundary of protection around us and to honour both the process and the energy we are working with.

Electricity is an energy we are all familiar with today.

It is powerful and awesome. We use it everywhere and often take it for granted. If we do not respect it and take proper precautions to ground it, the results can be very negative. We approach celestial energy in the same manner. We ground ourselves to mother earth. We clear any debris, distractions etc. We do not enter into an altered state while operating machinery or driving our vehicles. Just like anything we have not experienced before, we approach a new world of energy with respect. We prepare before we proceed with caution. Driving a vehicle can be exhilarating, it can take us to new places and see things we haven’t seen before, but it can also be terrorizing in the wrong hands. It is the same with energy work and meditation.

It is my desire to share my wisdom and knowledge through teaching, practice and practical application. However in order to do so, I need to work with integrity. That’s a personal motto of mine. What has come to me over the years came for a reason. Although I know it was very personal for my own growth, I now know that it is something I can share. I have graduated to a point where I can teach what I’ve learned, experienced first hand and explored with awe and reverence. I’m excited about it and that’s what I want to share. It has changed the quality of my life, expand my vision and offered me hope for the future! That’s why I want to share it!



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