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Rose Sangregorio is the founder and director of The Metaphysical Center of Canada Corporation. (scroll down for links to shows with Rose)

Rose is an Author, International Speaker, Holistic Healer, Teacher & Intuitive Spiritual Advisor.

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Since 1994, Rose has been coaching people on their spiritual journeys worldwide in non-dualistic spiritual understanding and personal development. Rose’s international client base has recognized her as a very clear channel, gifted healer, and inspirational teacher.

Audio ONLY ~ Rose chattin about her book On LGRCC. Video link below:

Rose’s personal life took the form as many others; family life and a successful career. However, when she turned 30 her life changed dramatically. This caused her to investigate the nature of the human mind, structure of life and spirituality. For years she worked systematically and disciplined herself, and thereby she retrieved the special gifts she was born with.

Rose has shared her gifts and teachings around the world (Canada, United States, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Denmark, Ireland, India & many more countries). Wherever she goes she is considered a pure and clear Conscious Channel, a skillful healer as well as a dynamic and inspiring spiritual teacher.  She has developed her own special training programs and has the ability to receive and pass on spiritual information and healing, and to coach and guide people on their personal process in opening to their highest potential and consciousness. Through this they can connect to their own true identity and source.

Rose is also the author of ‘Journey to Self-Enlightenment‘ which is published in English and now Danish. Rose Sangregorio Danish_cover

Rose coaches people to bring harmony to their lives, while assisting in creating a stronger spiritual connection. She shares her knowledge and wisdom and assists individuals to reach their highest potential through her workshops, lectures, seminars, and travels.

She shares the divine energy of unconditional love with all those she encounters.

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Rose as a guest on LGRCC~Show links:

*What does Rose do and how did she come to her gifts~June 19, 2012(Rose chattin with Catherine on youtube )

*Another great chat about New Paradigm and 2012! Aug. 29, 2012

*November 30, 2012 ~Listen to Rose and I as we sat down for a chat about Dec 2012 and the new shifts into 2013 on youtube here

Video~*Rose chatted with Catherine about her book, Journey to Self-Enlightenment and much more!~Feb 19, 2013

Video~ Exploring more into Rose’s book, we talked about chakras, the NEW Paradigm is Now & more… April 2, 2013

Video~Rose Sangregorio~LGRCC~Elementals, Floods & Life Changes through the metaphysical understandings~June 27, 2013


Classes, Workshops and Retreats…

•Meditation •Reiki•Sacred Relationship•Ancient Mysteries•Transformational/Spiritual & Energy Healing Techniques•Channeling•Self Enlightenment Teachings•Harmonizing All Body Systems•The Way of the Masters•Retreats•Pilgrimages/Spiritual Travel

*Upcoming Events

~Healing Circle with Rose “Shuneaj” Sangregorio on January 3, 2014 (details)

~Open Your Heart~ Tools to Manifest with Rose “Shuneaj” Sangregorio on January 4 & 5, 2014 (details)


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“A pilgrimage is the visiting of a sacred site
by one who is a spiritual seeker.
The pilgrim interacts with the site, experiences the site 
and enters into a relationship with that sacred site .”

If your heart calls you to . . . come join us, Rose & Terry along with your spiritual family, from March 15 to April 7, 2014 for a pilgrimage to the Ancient, Mysterious & Divine places of Egypt, Jordan (Petra) and Israel.

This, will be a trip of a lifetime for all of us!

hands holding lighted globe~square shape7th Annual World Peace Meditation & Messages from the Masters for 2014 with Rose Sangregorio

In person or virtually~December 29, 2013 – 2:00 to 4:30 p.m.
IN CALGARY at the Freemasons’ Hall, upstairs, 330 12 Ave. SW.

For more information and to register:

contact Rose Sangregorio metaphysical center of Canada Corporation logo.002
The Metaphysical Center of Canada Corporation

Tuscany RPO Box #27011, Calgary, AB, Canada, T3L 2Y1

Phone: 403-295-7507   Fax: 403-208-1428 Email: 

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