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As a young child I could always speak my mind. I never lacked for words. I did not however know I could speak publicly. I never had the experience, nor had a reason to. I did not know I could speak in front of a large group of people until the first time I did it. There were plenty of very helpful people giving me advice such as, don’t look at the people directly, pick a spot at the back of the room and stare at it. That was a ridiculous piece of advice for me because I wanted to look at the people. I wanted feedback and to be able to respond to their faces. I wanted their eyes to communicate with me.  I didn’t know that’s what I wanted until I did it.

After the first time, it was a very natural thing for me. Why? At first I didn’t know why. I wasn’t nervous, although I had no idea what to expect, but the reaction from my audience did surprise me, and hearing my own voice out loud was very interesting.  I was excited, exhilarated actually! And from the audience’s response, I can safely say I was also very effective. How did that happen without any formal training? How did I know how to relate to these strangers? How did I know when to pause, or when to ad-lib a little joke?

I wondered about that experience and some similar life experiences, until I heard about Sacred Gifts. A Sacred Gift is something that comes from God, or Spirit, or the Universe, whatever you want to call the Great I AM. It is not something the person has to cultivate, or be taught, it is natural and although they might be nervous prior to doing it, once they begin, everything kicks into place and they are incredibly proficient at whatever that Sacred Gift is. I think everyone has at least one, probably more, but we can go through life not knowing what they are.

So for me it is now a part of my awareness that I have the Sacred Gift of Communication. Now the trick is, to make sure that I get out of my own way when I want to use that gift properly and respectfully. If I was to attempt to get up on front of people and not be my authentic self, I would fail miserably. I could never take instruction on how to do what I do, because I do not actually know what I do. It happens. That’s all I know. It happens. That’s sacred gift at work. Many of us are not aware of what our gifts are and sometimes it takes deeper exploration to discover them.

I received confirmation about Sacred Gifts through a friend of a friend –in keeping with that tradition, I would like to pass along that information to you.  So if you are wondering what your gifts are and would like some  assistance in discovering them, I highly recommend Monique MacDonald at  Your Sacred Gifts.   Check for regular workshops and more on the link.

More about Sacred Gifts….

When I want to write something and craft it into a very fine article, -for instance an article about something I don’t really know anything about, but I’m being paid to do it within a certain amount of time. I have a very real investment in making that article great. If I have a very ego like desire to write the best article I can out of fear of failure, or rejection or some other aspect of my ego,  the end result is not going to be anything like an article I write when my heart says, ‘write it!’ That is not to say I cannot receive compensation for my writing; I can, that is not the problem. It is when my ego feels the pressure, or fear of not doing a good enough job and starts screaming in my head about how to do it etc that my work is not as good. My ego only knows the facts of writing, not the beauty, or emotion or impact of energy within certain words placed in a specific order.  I have to get my ego to shut up and allow my spirit to speak.

I know this about myself now and so I can adjust my writing accordingly. When I feel inspired that’s when I write. When I don’t, I simply say no.

Many people have yet to discover their sacred gifts or hidden talents simply because of fear. I found that very often if you are really afraid of doing something but you are placed in a situation where you must do it, and then you are a huge success; that’s when you discover a sacred gift. When you absolutely know that you have never trained to do something and out it comes, that is a sacred gift. When you pick up a paint brush and just let it flow into a masterpiece, or find yourself being the host at a party moving with ease and grace, you probably have the sacred gift of hospitality, or if you find yourself at ease consoling people in illness or on their deathbed, that’s a sacred gift. When it’s so easy and you don’t know why, it’s a good clue that it’s a sacred gift. Cherish it, honour it, share it and know that it is a gift.

Life is so incredibly interesting to me. I love to examine it. To explore other people’s lives, along with their personalities and ways of being- it truly intrigues me.

I tell you this story because tonight I realized that meditation is something that has also come to me as a gift. I did not seek it out. I was seeking to understand myself, my life, my relationship with God and my purpose, as well as to find the answers to the questions that were constantly in my head. I knew that I knew something, but I didn’t know what that something was. It was the strangest time of my life. It was a feeling similar to when you are about to say something to someone else and then the thought just flits out of your head. You know you had it and then it was gone. It just disappeared into thin air. But after that you keep trying to find that thought. ‘What was it I wanted to say?’

That was the feeling I had deep within me.  It just wouldn’t go away. So I started to explore avenues to find it. I explored hypnotherapy for a couple of sessions, but it didn’t reveal the answer. Of course it couldn’t reveal the answer, because I didn’t know the question!

What it did do however, was to teach me how to relax. Once I learned to relax, then meditation came to me, easily…really, really easily. I fell in love with the process. I will say that I had amazing help from the spiritual realms, the Company of Heaven as some people say, or angels and guides. I also had some incredible human help to interpret the physical and ethereal happenings in and around me. I had it all. I have it all. I believe we all have access to that help, but that finding it is often difficult. It is my hope that my sharing will also help my readers.


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